How to humanize PPC advertising

As marketers and brands, many of you use PPC advertising to attract traffic to your brand or customer’s website.

There is nothing wrong with this method.

After all, PPC advertising has obvious advantages. You can attract new customers, track results, and manage budgets. However, despite the many benefits of these ads, there are sometimes things that are missing.

Does anyone guess what I’m talking about? This is human touch.

Through user-friendly PPC advertising, you can stand out from the competition.

Before proceeding, what does it mean to humanize your PPC ads? This means creating ads that evoke responses or emotions. It can help your advertising build connection and trust with the market, and ultimately increase your business.

It also frees you from the nameless, unrecognizable robotic approach, which in the worst case could be digital marketing.

In addition to the content I have listed, there are some other essential reasons to make your PPC advertising and your brand overall humane. Let’s dive into it, and then we will discuss the different ways you can humanize PPC advertising.

Why should you humanize your PPC ads?

A user-friendly brand can give you a competitive advantage and increase customer retention.It shows that you are taking a customer-centric approach and that you Know your buyer.

However, a humanized brand can also build customer trust, which is crucial today.Telecom company Edman says, “For the development and maintenance of the company, trust has never been more important than it is now.”

In addition, they found that 75% of people actively recommend companies they trust.

However, this is not the only benefit. According to Edelman: “Believe that your customers are more likely to interact with you, buy, support and defend you.”

Now, let us detail some of the benefits that a humanized brand can bring.

Humanized brand gives you a competitive advantage

You may already know one of the advantages of humanized digital marketing: competitive advantage.

why? this is very simple.

In the ever-growing digital world, consumers are interested in forming Connect and interact with the brand.

Making connections is essential to building long-term relationships, and then it is possible to make connections Customer Loyalty.

Humanizing your brand provides a customer-centric approach

When you humanize your brand, you will provide a Personalized touch In each Customer journey stage.

This humane approach shifts the focus from marketers or business owners. Instead, it focuses on customer needs and considers your potential customers:

  • Personal needs
  • Goals and ambitions
  • Challenges and pain points

In addition, a customer-centric approach shows you that you understand your customers’ unique problems and can provide them with solutions.

You will benefit from customer advocacy and retention

After successfully selling to consumers, you need to do two things: keep them and turn them into advocates.

Through humanized marketing, your customers are more likely to become those champions, Recommend your brand give to someone.

Then there is customer retention. You are more likely to retain customers in the following ways:

10 ways to humanize PPC advertising

Now that you understand the benefits, how to humanize PPC advertising? Below is an overview of 10 easy-to-implement measures that you can use right away.

1. Know your audience by creating roles

You have a product or service you want to promote, but who is your target market and how to humanize your PPC ads to suit them?

Role with the buyer. The buyer persona is a valuable asset because not every potential customer will respond to your PPC ads in the same way.

In order to attract ideal customers, you need to attract them by speaking their language, understanding their pain points and providing solutions.

there Buyer role Come in.

Why are roles so effective? Because they allow a personalized approach. By setting this part correctly, you can humanize your PPC advertising and enter your target market.

2. Make relevant advertisements

Yes, we are back to the role again. Your buyer persona can give you a clearer understanding of the search terms of potential customers to create relevant ads.

You can better humanize your PPC ads Understand buyer intentions And use:

  • Google’s “Related Search” feature
  • Keyword Tool
  • Include specific, relevant keywords and long tail keywords

or, Cooperate with agents Can complete the task for you.

3. Use pictures

Humanize your PPC ads with pictures. They do not need to be an employee image. Only include the content that represents your business, the services provided, and what it represents.

Google provides different ways to add images to PPC ads in the following ways Found ads Or Image expansion options, Or you can use Facebook’s carousel ads.

Humanized PPC Advertising-Facebook Advertising

However, many other platforms can use image-rich advertising and storytelling, such as Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.

4. Use social media

Your buyer persona also helps you develop a social media strategy.

Use personas to humanize your PPC ads by understanding where the ideal buyer is hanging out. You can then target them on the platform of their choice.

Websites such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram allow you to personalize your PPC advertising To get better results.

5. Continue testing

Continuous testing may mean avoiding falling into the usual advertising model. How do you put it into practice?

By changing your PPC campaign. You can do this with regular A/B testing to see which elements are best for your audience.

For example, you can test:

  • Long format keywords
  • colour
  • Call to Action (CTA)

Continue to test and optimize the results until you know the right balance is reached.

6. Go beyond keywords

Keywords can only do a lot of things. Yes, they can help you show your ads in front of the right people, but they lack personalization.

To further make your PPC advertising more humane, please consider the other four key areas of marketing:

  • Demographic
  • motivation
  • challenge
  • the goal

Simple view It is recommended to apply these qualities to travelers to optimize your PPC results. However, these attributes are equally valid for any other market segment.

Take demographics as an example.

Depending on the age group of the target audience you want to target, you will need to change your ads to make them “target” specific demographics.

Likewise, the motivations, challenges, and goals of each group may be different.

7. Use storytelling

I have already mentioned the value of consumer trust, and there is an easy way to build it: storytelling.

Successful ads usually use storytelling at the core of their ads, such as Instagram story Make it easy to access.

However, Instagram is not the only way.For a similar approach, you can test Facebook’s carousel ads Or the campaign of Twitter followers.

this is some thoughts If you are not familiar with narrative, please do the following:

  • Employee profiles or articles in life so that your audience can better understand you
  • Customer Success Stories
  • The focus of the product or service
  • Comment or explanatory video

8. Inject some personality

Think about it: Are your potential customers more likely to click on ads that sound like everyone else?

Or will they choose PPC ads that stand out?

Many customers’ first impression of your business is through online advertising, so they must reflect your brand.

Use the same tone in advertising as in other marketing methods to make customers more consistent and familiar.

9. Don’t use direct sales

Direct selling methods may be detrimental to consumers. Instead, you can focus on attracting potential customers to click through to your website, provide them with detailed information, and then gently guide them to sell.

You may find customer mapping helpful for this method.when using it Customer journey map, you could:

  • Understand the key touch points of customers
  • Determine the client’s goals
  • Encourage your potential customers to cultivate their potential customers through tailored ads

10. Keep it simple and stupid (KISS)

Finally, keep it simple and stupid (no offense).I believe Kelly Johnson used In the 1960s When it was first applied to design concepts. However, it also applies to content creation.

The term is still used today for a reason: sometimes marketers like to complicate things, but it is not necessary.

If you want to make your PPC advertising more humane, please remember that your time and number of roles are limited. Count each word in the following way:

  • Keep the language concise and clear
  • Clarify the benefits
  • Consider ideal buyers and use keyword writing
  • Complete CTA

A good example of humanized PPC advertising

Big brands can teach us more about how to connect with ideal consumers. These are the three best.


Remember the Snickers “It’s not you when you’re hungry” PPC event?

Snickers ads used a series of deliberate spelling errors in its online advertising.More than ten years later, advertising is Still delivering results.

An excellent example of humanized PPC advertising-Snickers

Why is the effect so good? Because consumers can relate to it. Everyone recognizes this feeling of “hunger”.

Snickers ads are also novel, shareable and memorable-all advertisers can apply it to marketing.


Converse did not immediately conduct a complete sale, but used “Converse” to attract a younger audience.

Cooperate with advertising agency Anomoly, chat Include keywords that young people might use when searching online, such as “scrabble” or “how to speak to girls.”

Converse’s campaign allowed it to start a conversation with shoppers and use ad copy and microsites to attract consumers instead of traditional advertising methods.

It turns out that the “Domaination” campaign is effective because it provides potential buyers with useful and relevant content and establishes contact with them.

Alec Bronstein

Online search for “best PPC advertising”, the name “Alec Brownstein” is usually used in the top five.

Who is he? He was a job seeker, and he thought of the idea of ​​bidding under the names of five creative directors.

Bronstein’s ad looks like this:

Humanized PPC Advertising-Recruitment Advertisement

Be creative director Google their name, They also found Bronstein’s advertisement and his website. As a result, Bronstein got the job he wanted for a creative director’s dream job.

Bronstein’s advertising was successful because he used initiative in a proactive way, just like a creative director. Many of us are named after Google, and Brownstein believes that creative directors will do the same.

Here is a lesson for every advertiser: Think like an ideal audience and create innovative new ways to attract them.

in conclusion

With the rise of digitization, your marketing may sometimes lack a personal touch.However, consumers want to know who they buy from, and they want Build relationships Work with brands to increase trust.

In addition, when you humanize your PPC advertising and other forms of digital marketing, you will open a communication line to invite consumers to learn more about your brand.

Snickers and Converse are two well-made brands, you can learn from them and apply them to your marketing.

Create ad Evoke emotion It’s easy to build relationships. Just follow the tips in this article, and you can humanize your ads and build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

If you are ready to start a humanized PPC campaign and want help with strategy, Contact our team of experts.

Do you humanize PPC advertising and digital marketing? What method do you take?

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