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With Bitly, you can create, share, and track powerful brands for every form of communication. Whether you are a digital salesperson, customer service representative, HR manager or working in a completely different industry, our tips will help you make the most of Bitly.

Add a custom domain

Use Bitly to keep the brand ahead and focus on every internal and customer communication. When you add a custom domain, instead of using the default domain “”, your links will use a domain adapted to your brand.

Bitly makes it easy to find, select and set up the perfect custom domain for your brand in minutes. Related brands not only look better, but also help develop your brand and move around it 35% more clicks than unbranded links.

Create a highlighted short link

Create a link by clicking the orange Create button or by clicking the letter “b” on your keyboard. Select a custom domain to highlight the link or scroll to the default domain “”. Paste your long URL into the highlighted box. Your short link will be generated automatically. Learn more about merchandise links.

Customize the connection

With Bitly, creating fully customized links is a breeze. Replace the random string of letters and numbers that appear after the slash to add a custom call to action, such as “Run now.” You can also edit the links later, in the All Links section.

Redirect the connection

Do you accidentally paste the wrong URL when shortening the link? Instead of creating a completely new link, you can easily correct the original one by editing the destination URL. You can use this feature to debug a destination, update a link pointing to a new destination, or manually highlight old links. find out more.

Navigating campaigns

Want to compare the performance of multiple links associated with a single campaign or initiative? Bitly helps simplify this process with Campaigns. Replace complicated spreadsheets and isolated data with a simplified view of connection metrics.

Campaigns allow you to constantly pulse about the performance of your team or company program. You can compare things like how your social media channels perform with each other, which website optimizations pay off, which support articles get the most engagement, or which company communications get the most clicks. find out more.

Navigate the dashboard

Head to the Bitly Dashboard to get an overview of its major high-level links. You will see important metrics, including:

– Total number of clicks
– Organic clicks
– Connections with the best performance
– The most popular types of devices
– The best countries and cities that generate clicks on your Bitly links

You can also export this metric to a CSV file for deeper analysis at any time. find out more.

Install the Bitly browser extension

Install the Bitly Chrome extension to easily shorten and brand your social sharing website – directly from the page itself. Download the Chrome extension.

Try these shortcuts

Finally, work more efficiently in Bitly by trying out some of these keyboard shortcuts. Hit:

“B” create a connection
“E” to edit the connection from All connections or Custom connections
“WITH” share a link to a social network link from the same sections

Start in less than 3 minutes

Almost every digital initiative relies on links. Bitly makes it easy to create and manage your connections and get powerful metrics on each individual so you can make smarter data-based decisions and increase the impact of each digital initiative. For more examples of how to use Bitly, go to

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