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Twitter is one of the oldest social networks that still exists, and history has relatively floors. As part of this history, Twitter has been a major source of news, thought-provoking, and political squabbling. However, like its younger counterparts, Twitter is also a place where people seek insights about products as well as to get in touch with brands. For this reason, I believe that this network has a place in evolution of influencer marketing. Let’s take a look at how to find and collaborate with influences on Twitter.

Why Twitter and impacts on Twitter still matter

Despite its long history, some people in the marketing industry question why Twitter is still relevant to today’s brands. I am here to tell you that this is still the main force in guiding thought. Along with this thought guidance comes the ability to influence people, even in terms of products and services. Of course, you don’t even need to do that sponsored tweets influence people to buy things. Instead, there are a lot of people who will buy just because someone likes something.

Twitter is certainly not the latest thing, but this can be useful. Twitter users are usually a little older than those on Instagram, and much older than the crowd of TikTok or Snapchat. Using Twitter allows your brand to access slightly different demographics from newer networks without completely ignoring the young and modern. Remember, younger people invented Twitter.

Here’s another reason why influential influences on Twitter are still effective. In fact, one study shows that 40% of Twitter users admit to being directly influenced by Tweets. Furthermore, Twitter is holding itself against competition in terms of engagement rates. According to recent study, Instagram has a drop in engagement rates. In contrast, both Twitter and Facebook are stable. Here the moral of the story is clear: influences on Twitter continue to be an effective way to market products and services.

How to Find Impacts on Twitter

Before you can plan any kind influence the marketing campaign, you need to know where to find influential people on Twitter. After deciding what kind of people to work with, the next job is to discover the influencer. Although I’ve written a lot on this topic, most people don’t think Twitter works the same way. With that in mind, here are a few tools to help you. Many are the same as with other networks, while others are different. Fortunately, there are many Twitter tools available.

One of the easiest ways to find influence on Twitter is to use Google. Generally speaking, there are several ways to use this search engine. Let’s say you want to find thought leaders. Here you will want to search Google to see who is writing about specific topics. Then look for those who have active Twitter accounts. From here you will be able to assess the suitability of their profiles.

Another way to use Google is to search for a topic along with “Twitter”. This will display the results of tweets on the given topic. As you find people who talk about the topic often, you will eventually find the influences on Twitter that you are looking for. Finally, if you want to know if a particular person is a person influencing Twitter, not Google, to check if they have a profile and check if they have one.

Example an influencer marketing search on Twitter.

Another way to locate influence on Twitter is to search Twitter itself. In this case, you will primarily use hashtags. First, be sure to look at who is using your branded hashtags and those of your competitors. People who talk regularly about relevant products and services can have an impact. Here you are looking for those who also do not tweet about many unrelated topics. These users are probably just random observers.

Another way to use Twitter search is to use filters. If your brand is in an overcrowded field, like beauty or travel, then you will get a lot of results by simply searching the hashtag. With an advanced search, you can tell Twitter not to return results that are obviously just “ordinary” users. Even better, with this tool, you can find impacts on Twitter that fit specific demographics. This will make your life easier.

Lastly, use Twitter search to find relevant conversations or chat rooms. You can hang out here to see who’s talking about related products and services. Over time, you will see who is more influential and who may be trying to become an influencer. These people can be put on a watch list or tracked to see if they are immediately eligible.

Use Right Relevance

An example of searching for influencers marketing Twitter influences RightRelevance.

Finding relevant information and staying on top of the competition is difficult. Fortunately, there are information services that are ready to help solve this problem. One of the tools available to an influencer marketing expert is called Relevance Law. This is basically an information service that provides analytics and market statistics for price. Order everything you need and they will be able to get it for you. This company offers APIs as well as comprehensive Twitter services.

One of these services is actually available for free. The creators of true relevance have a search engine that helps people recognize the influences of Twitter within themselves a certain niche. Just include keywords to get started. Do you get a lot of results? Need something concrete? Extensive filters are available that allow you to narrow down the results. As an added bonus, Right Relevance will give you some related keywords that you can use to find additional influential people.

From here you will have to explore. Right Relevant gives a rating that shows how “relevant” content is relevant to the topic you have chosen. However, relevance does not dictate effectiveness. Engagement rates vary greatly, and so do personalities. You have a great starting point, however.

Use BuzzSumo

Look for influencers who do marketing via Twitter on BuzzSumo.

If you don’t mind paying for it, BuzzSumo is a great tool. Not only do they help you find influence on Twitter, but they also provide other information. First, they cover more than Twitter, so you can see the content in more places. Basically, with BuzzSumo influencer searches the goal is to see what’s in trend within the niche. It quickly reveals the people involved in any discussion.

However, BuzzSumo doesn’t just identify people. Instead, it gives you examples of the content they produce. This means that you can run the influencer name through the program. In addition to content lists, you will also receive analytics that give you more information from the beginning. Want more time to make a decision? You can set supervisory alerts for a person to see what they are doing over days or weeks.

Finally, one thing I like about BuzzSumo is that they do a lot more than help find influencers. You can use them as social surveillance for any topic you want, although you will usually stick to your niche. This helps a lot in market research and supervising competitors. In other words, it is a single tool with multiple functions. There is even an API available for more functionality. Of course, other Twitter tools can help in similar ways.

Find lists of influential people on Twitter

Twitter lists compiled by any user can be found at @username / lists.

Twitter lists are embedded in Twitter itself. So let’s say you want to follow social media marketing. There is a list for almost every topic under the sun, many of which have been created by traders. To find lists, go to your homepage and click the “lists” icon. It is located on the same toolbar as your messages and notifications.

After clicking on this, you can create your own list. Typically, you will add to this situation on Twitter people you already know are thought leaders. In return, you can find out if they maintain some lists themselves, and then subscribe if the list is relevant. You will be able to see a lot of different people interested in the same topic, and over time this will help fine new influences on Twitter.

Keep in mind that lists can also be made around your hobbies or other interests. For example, I have a few lists dealing with food, travel and overall excellent content creators. The lesson here is that by thinking outside the box you can find great lists in places you wouldn’t immediately think of.

Use a social listening tool

Example of #influencermarketing Twitter search on a social listening tool Mark24.

Finally, finding influential people on Twitter is easy with anyone social listening tool. As many of you know, the goal of social listening is to see what people are saying about your brand. However, there is more to it than that. Properly executed, social listening reveals the entire discussion within a particular niche. With exercise, almost everyone can effectively find out what is happening in the social world. This information can be applied to reputation management, market research and more.

Using social listening results to find influential influences on Twitter is easy. Be sure to follow the competition as well as your own brands. Over time, the same people will appear in reports that cover multiple aspects of your niche and you may be able to collaborate. Once these people identify themselves, you will need to decide which ones are appropriate.

How to connect with influences on Twitter

Did you find a few influences on Twitter that you think would make great collaborators? Congratulations! Connecting with influencers is also a challenge. This is because influencers are often approached by multiple competing brands, which everyone wants to hire. Sometimes being a “winner” requires standing out above the crowd.

Send social signals

If the Twitter influencer hasn’t already approached you or isn’t closely connected, the first step is to interact with their content. Be sure to follow them on Twitter first. This not only helps increase their followership, but when you send social signals they appear on the feeds of the people who follow you. Next, be sure to share the content of influential people on Twitter. At the same time, don’t forget to @ mention your influences on Twitter. It tells them that you are really interested in what they have to say.

Once you get their attention, it’s time to start a conversation. When only the real Tweet appears, you can comment on what they have to say. Even more than @mentions, the comments prove that you are interested in the engagement. We hope he will answer further, resulting in a longer conversation. By now you should know if this is the right influencer for your next campaign.

Slide into DM after you’ve built a relationship and start an open collaborative conversation!

Remember, working with influencers is a reciprocal relationship. You borrow their followers to give them a commercial message and for that reason the influencer is valuable. It’s important that influencers never feel like you’re “using” them. For that reason, I recommend putting them on paid collaboration only after you’ve built a relationship.

Chances are, if the influencer is experienced, they will know at this point that you have cooperation in mind. However, it will help you to build a relationship with that person. This gives you a significant advantage over brands that only place cakes without prior contact. This not only increases the chances of realizing your desire, but will make the collaboration much more meaningful.

Although Twitter is not the most popular network for impact on marketing, is still relevant. Like other networks, you need to find the right influencers to find success, even though the competition is not so strong. By following these principles, you should be able to build the right relationships and collaborations for the benefit of all.

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