How to create a viral video!

This video went viral and in 45 days got 1 million views. Because?

  1. The thumbnail raises a question
  2. Content is trending (where to move during a pandemic)
  3. He throws straight at the answers
  4. Immediately make a CTA (call to action)
  5. Tell stories
  6. It is authentic
  7. He goes against the flow by telling the truth

These are just some of the reasons this video went viral. What brought me to this is a question Web-Wildcatter asked in a comment below ours recent video:

Which is better:

(1) A viral video with a million views?
(2) A hundred videos with 10,000 views?
(I have truncated your comment in the image below. All your comment will give you great information and I recommend it reading she)

The answer is easier to see when you look at the question and think about the video above:
Is better:
(1) to have a viral video?
(2) to post videos constantly for a hundred days and get the same number of views each time?

The answer is: iIt’s best to go viral and get 1 million views quickly.

For that:

  1. You get a lot of VIEWS ‘fast’! (good for viewing time)
  2. People see yours CONTENT who normally wouldn’t see it
  4. Free yourself PRESS
  5. Your video is SHARED
  7. You have many COMMENTS
  8. More than your age VIDEOS get views, comments, likes and share
  9. Your channel GROWTH it’s faster
  10. If you are one YouTube partner, you do more MONEY of the ads around your video

When you can make just one video that allows you to get a million views, get thousands of new subscribers, and provide your channel with more of everything right away, it’s clear that the time you spend making One Hundred Videos, which will get 10,000 views each, isn’t well spent time.

For that:

  • It’s more work for you
  • it’s more time and money marketing
  • spend less time working or creating other things
  • it is not a better use of your time or your life.

That’s why it makes so much sense to try to create viral videos instead of constantly creating content. But if it were easy, everyone would do it constantly! To be realistic, there is very little chance that a video will go viral. But there are definite tips and elements you can use to create a greater chance of going viral.

What are the elements that create a viral video?

There are some common elements in all viral videos that help it go viral. Here are 6 items that all viral videos have:

1. Trend topic

Viral videos use current trends for content. To get your video noticed on both search and YouTube suggestions, you want to choose a trending topic. Your video answers the questions most people look for in the trend. Check out Google Trends on current topics, watch the news, check out Twitter Trend Search to find the latest topics people are looking at. Highly shareable content can increase your video, get new people back to your site, and increase conversions.

In the Montana video, he uses the pandemic and the people who want to move from wherever they live in Montana. The trend is moving away from where it is somewhere better. In the case of his video, he used a very current question and gave very local-centered answers and lots of reflections. If you are thinking of moving to Montana and looking for a real estate agent, it is potentially THE TYPE you are looking for when you get there.

2. Spot On Thumbnail

Create a FOR YOUR VISUAL TRACKS miniature to grab the attention of viewers and make them want to click on your video. The miniature needs clear visuals that speak to the viewer. The goal is always to get the person to click on the image (thumbnail) and watch the video.

In the Montana video, he does not use any person or face to the miniature. It is focused on THE PLACE, THE LOCATION, not the people. In fact, because the pandemic makes people NOT want to be around people, their choice of mountains and a lonely hut give the impression that there are only wild areas there. This engages the viewer.

The second thing that hooks the viewer is the question he raises in the miniature. “Living in Montana: What They Don’t Tell You” is striking and arouses the interest of anyone thinking of moving there. Even if you’re not thinking about moving there, it’s an intriguing question if you’ve ever wondered what Montana was like.

live in Montana

3. Hooky Title evokes an emotion

Create a TITLE that hooks the viewer immediately drawing attention with an important question or statement. The title should stop the viewer on their tracks. What does this mean? Excitement! When you draw attention by making your viewer think or feel something immediately to pique their curiosity, interest, or answer a question, you have a good chance of them clicking on your video.

In the video above, the title: “Living in Montana: Things That Don’t Tell You” asks the viewer if they want to know more. Yes! It’s a great way to get attention and click because the viewer wants to know what no one is telling them. What are the secrets to living in Montana? Are they good? Are they for me? I need to know!

4. Authenticity

This is a real estate agent that provides the REAL to a large extent. If you want to create something with the potential to go viral and be a “business” video, being honest and truthful will make you stand out right now. With so many things being told in the news and the print version that turns out to be fake, it’s a breath of fresh air (literally!) When someone is willing to explain it as it really is.

In the Montana video, he gives reasons to move there; open spaces, fewer people, less chances of getting the virus, but it also gives reasons why they DON’T WANT people to move there trying to change the way life is. It is clear that it is not the life of the big city and they do not want the life of the big city. So if your intention is to change Montana to fit your previous lifestyle, stay away! Being honest, open and clear about what people living there expect from new residents is as valuable as what newcomers expect to find there.

It also lists the reasons why people shouldn’t move there and many of the first comments were from locals saying they didn’t want people to move there. So the honesty and veracity of the video and the comments below helped make it more viral. Sometimes using reverse psychology is a good way to get people interested in watching a video.

5. Strong POV

Have a strong point of view. You want people to polarize around your content. That’s when they’ll make a lot of comments for and against. A strong POV creates more dialogue and involvement. This is what viral videos do. They have a strong impact one way or another and that’s why they share. And you get hundreds and thousands of comments. Because they have a strong enough point of view that invokes a reaction of some sort.

Most of the comments on the Montana video are “I love this because …” “I agree because …” people like to express their opinion and they like to be right. It gives them reasons to say “I love it,” “I agree,” and it makes strengths that push the viewer to comment.

6. Production value

Most viral videos just look real. Looks like someone picked up the phone and fired something. They are neither elegant nor professional. One of the reasons a business video it can go viral because people believe the content is real. This makes it more interesting. It’s almost like you know the person. They seem to be talking only to you. Being less polished and less perfect and with more authenticity, makes people grow in what they are saying. And this is an element of a viral video. Think about all the cat videos or dog videos you’ve seen. Real. Think about the viral videos you’ve seen. Real.

In the Montana video, the sound quality isn’t great, it’s literally standing next to a road, sometimes the wind blows. He is wearing a T-shirt, a baseball cap and a windbreaker. Nothing great, though at the beginning of the video it says Sotheby’s International Realty. You don’t get the impression that he is a high-powered real estate agent by the way he dresses or by where he is.

Even the B-Roll looks like someone pulled out the phone and quickly fired a few things. The full video is just over seven minutes long, but it provides the viewer with a lot of content about what to expect from living in the Montana mountains. Here is a comment on the video:

boiling points


  • Make viral videos if possible
  • Engage the viewer with your thumbnail and title
  • Offer a strong point of view with lots of valuable reasons
  • Be authentic
  • Be honest
  • Don’t worry about production value, be real

People who make a difference. You.

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