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If you are considering a new website for your hotel or resort, you are probably thinking about: “How much does a new website design cost hotels?” Although the cost of creating a new website is affected by many factors, the purpose of this article is to provide general information about website pricing when designing a new website for a hotel or resort.

Website design factors for hotels and resorts

Due to the ever-changing planning habits of travelers, your hotel website needs to be up-to-date so that you can reach potential guests throughout the journey. Although every hotel website design agency has its own standards for creating new websites, this article gives you an overview of what factors we consider crucial to creating successful hotel, resort and accommodation websites at Mannix Marketing and ultimately influencing the pricing of our website design and development services.

Basic Search Engine Optimization: Do Travelers Find Your Website in Search Results?

Whether you’re planning a trip to Florida or Saratoga Springs, where would you go to find hotels? When you start by visiting a search engine like Google or Bing, you are almost alone 60% of passengers use a search engine to plan their trip (source: Ipsos MediaCT / Google Travel Study).

As more travelers use the web to find accommodation, the value of finding search engines for hotel and resort property owners will increase. Since 85% of searchers click on organic (unpaid) search results, potential visitors may not find your fancy new website if your website doesn’t have the right search engine optimization (SEO).

Since 1996, we’ve helped hotels and resorts rise to the top of search results. To give your hotel a better chance of appearing in organic search results we will add the basic elements of SEO to your new website within website design and development process.

This is one of the biggest factors that distinguishes Mannix Marketing websites from other website design agencies, as our SEO specialists are trained to apply these critical SEO techniques to any new website. Some of the key factors we apply include (but are not limited to):

  • By researching keywords that travelers can find in your property’s search engines
  • Create search engine friendly metadata on the pages of your new website
  • Maintaining the SEO value of your previous website (if applicable)
  • Set the code so that your website can load faster on desktop and mobile devices

You can end up spending these basic SEO techniques cost several hundred to several thousand dollars if you decide to start with an SEO program (either after launching a new website or just before the upcoming season). However, by the time the SEO program begins, you are likely to have lost new passengers, queries, and potential bookings.

If you want start filling your beds then you must start finding on the web.

Custom Design: Is Your Website User Friendly?

Your website is often the first way travelers interact with your hotel when they go online to compare different resort and accommodation options. And because passengers are in a hurry, your website is just seconds away to grab their attention, convey your value and help you find the information you need to make a booking decision.

Do you want a simple cookie-cutting website, or do you want a website that lets travelers know right away that they’re on your hotel website?

The first option describes a template (“pre-designed” theme) website. Creating template sites costs less than creating custom websites because the design is already created. If you get a quote from a website design agency that’s much cheaper than competing companies’ bids, it’s usually because the cheaper company intends to use a template for your new website.

On the other hand, a website with a custom design is one that has been created from the beginning to reflect the reputation, personality, and unique selling point of your brand. Being a professional designer is going to be by creating your new website from scratch, you pay for their web design expertise.

At Mannix Marketing, we specialize in creation customized websites for hotels and resorts. Our designers turn the uniqueness of your property and what you want travelers to do on your website into a one-of-a-kind design that uses special features designed to get more booking requests. From choosing the right color scheme to placing the booking engine form to the call-to-action design, custom design increases the cost of creating a new website, but it certainly gives your hotel a more professional and efficient web-based service. presence.

Responsive Design: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Can passengers find your fares quickly and easily? Can they browse your room options? Can they find your contact information?

Can they do it all on their smartphone?

Since more than 50% of travelers use mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to plan their trip, your website must be easy to use on a variety of screens and devices. At Mannix Marketing, we create sensitive hotel websites. This means you have one website that automatically adjusts to the screen size of your desktop, tablet and smartphone, and allows travelers to interact with your website on all devices.

Page placements

Whether you need a photo gallery to show great pictures of your rooms or a special list to show your various accommodations, the way your content is displayed on a website is defined by page layout.

Most hotel websites have a unique layout created for the home page and one additional layout created for other pages on the website.

Depending on the characteristics of your property, it may sometimes be helpful to create additional page placements. For example, an additional layout may be created to visually display your rooms or accommodations, as shown on the custom website of the Courtyard by Marriott Lake Placid (customer) in the example below:

Layouts can have a major impact on passenger retention and turn viewers into bookers. If your website offers a user-friendly user experience where travelers can easily interact with your content, click on different sections, and learn more about your rooms, amenities, and services, these factors will no doubt affect your conversions.

Of course, not all website design companies know when (or how) to create unique placements for a new hotel website. If they don’t plan to create additional placements to give your content the attention they deserve, you’re likely to pay less for a new website (you get what you pay for, right?). However, please keep in mind that the lower priced option is likely to be costly for travelers who land (or don’t fit) on your website.

Website that is easy to update: Can you make changes to your website?

Your rates will change, your rooms will be renovated or your resort will add a new feature. It’s time to share these updates on your website at once.

But can you make these changes on your own website, or are you forced to call your webmaster to make such changes?

As a busy hotel owner or marketer, you deserve a website that you can easily update. Fortunately, there are some great content management systems available that allow website owners to make such changes to their website without having to dive into the code.

At Mannix Marketing, we create easy-to-use hotel websites in WordPress’s user-friendly content management system. Not only a private website training where we show you how to use your new website, but also set up your new website in a way that allows you to quickly and easily change the content of your pages, add new photos and videos, and even manage reviews that come through your website.

Guest Reviews: Do you offer social proof?

Online reviews play a major role in influencing passengers’ booking decisions. Among the many online review sites for collecting and sharing hotel reviews, one of the most useful places to submit guest reviews is your resort’s website.

The built-in guest review system can make it easy to collect and display your guest reviews right on your site. When guests submit reviews through your website, their submissions will be moderated until you confirm that they appear. The guest review system helps provide social proof that lets travelers know what your guests thought of your property, as shown in the example below Trout House Resort website (customer):

Screenshot of Trouthouse Resort website visitor reviews on website design

Okay, how much does a new website design cost hotels?

Depending on the specific needs of the company A custom-designed, responsive (mobile-optimized), easy-to-use search engine-friendly hotel website typically costs around $ 7,000. Again, because the exact price depends on the specific needs of your hotel (including, but not limited to: website size, complexity, customizations, etc.), your specific website design and development costs will vary.

The cost of website design and development is a one-time fee; We also host your website and run WordPress and WordPress plug-ins (which are separate annual fee).

Are you considering designing a new website for your hotel or resort?

The best way to determine what your hotel needs on a new website and how much it will cost is to meet with a digital marketing agency that knows the hotel, accommodation and travel industries. If you are considering a new website for your hotel or resort, we would be happy to start a conversation a. During free website design evaluation.

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