How Jubilee Media creates empathy among humans

Jubilee Media is a media company that focuses on creating empathy between humans. On YouTube, the company posts a multitude of videos with different settings, people, and focus. Jubilee currently has 6.25 million subscribers and more than a billion views with new posts each week. Also, Jason Lee, the CEO / founder of Jubilee, recently announced a feature film documentary in works. The film will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Jubilee released its first video in 2010. In it video, Jason Lee sang at a subway station to raise money for charity. Over the years, Jubilee produced short films movies, introduced intriguing video formats and gained millions of subscribers. From the beginning, the mission it is the same, “creating a movement of empathy for the human good.”

Common formats

Jubilee has cultivated several simple but powerful videos formats. The set of these videos is usually a warehouse with a lot of space. Everywhere, from a single person to a group of people, intriguing and controversial topics, such as faith or sexuality, are discussed face to face. Video formats include Middle Ground, Spectrum, Odd Man Out and more.

Neutral ground is the most popular Jubilee series they have presented. With this format, six people are divided into two groups of three. Each group represents an opposing belief about a topic. They are asked a series of questions on a specific topic and then sit face to face to discuss the answers. This series uses lighting to visually create depth, while the background is split on the left and right sides to show differences in beliefs. The foreground focuses on the middle to create an intermediate terrain where open discussions can take place. This setting puts people in vulnerable positions where they talk about something they believe is very close to strangers. The purpose is to see if they can find an empathic midpoint.

Spectrum is another popular format. This series focuses on groups of six people with similar characteristics or experiences to see if they have similar opinions on topics. Visually, participants are aligned in a vertical line and then move horizontally outward toward other markers, depending on whether they agree or disagree with a request. Spectrum uses a grid-like configuration that also represents participants in a graph. It challenges stereotypes within groups, showing that, more often than not, each individual has a unique opinion.

The first Jubilee game

Odd Man Out is described as Jubilee’s number one gaming program, as they have an average of 6 million views per episode. The setup of this series puts participants shoulder to shoulder in a lighting structure that emulates a box. In this format, the goal is to remove the mole from the group or the person who does not fit in the same box as the rest. This series offers a lighter approach to achieving a connection between participants through a game-like scenario. With these episodes, there is a cash prize at stake to create an incentive to win.

Jubilee creates other series less focused on discussions between strangers. This includes Looking for secrets, Both sides, Texts of, Versus 1 i Tea for two. These formats take a more personal approach to the aspect of human connection. For example, in Seeking Secrets, people read very personal secrets from strangers. Although this series adopts a more individualized setting, participants often find a way to relate to secrets written anonymously. This reiterates the idea that people want to connect, either directly or indirectly. You can also find the same idea that appears over and over again in the other series on the channel.

Meaning of Jubilee

The word Jubilee reminds the audience of the celebration. As a channel identity, Jubilee celebrates the reunion of all walks of life. The content they produce is very much based on diversity and inclusion. There is visible diversity in almost every video through participants ’backgrounds, leading to more inclusive and insightful conversations in each video. The end of each video seems like a success worth celebrating. Participants often hug or shake hands with each other.

The importance of diversity and inclusion is exemplified both by its content and by the production team. Jubilee often has its diverse staff at the beginning of videos to share news about the company. To the Jubilee team page, there is a photo gallery of babies of all the staff. It’s an intriguing approach to humanizing your team for your audience.


Through the power of video, Jubilee Media creates many different ways to emphasize the need for people to connect on a deeper level. Plus, they’re sure to create more powerful videos with their raw, authentic style. Through its work to create empathy, Jubilee Media has connected with millions of people around the world.


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