Google’s Q&A session has officially disappeared

Google comfirmed Yesterday, I said with me that although the “Google Questions and Answers” feature has indeed disappeared, the Google Question Hub will not be affected by this. Question Hub is a separate but similar function of Google Q&A, so it is very confusing.

Ujesh notified me here first Twitter When he received an email from Google telling him “Your questions and answers will disappear on June 30.” The email continues to show “Thank you for asking and sharing your knowledge on Google. We have decided to reject the “Q&A” feature on Search. On April 30, we will stop displaying the questions and answers you created in June It was removed from your contribution page in a Google search on the 30th.”

This is the email:

in May 2018, Google began to require users in India to submit questions in the box on the search results page when the answer is not displayed on the search results page.Then in 2019, Google started showing Google Q&A, Here are some screenshots of it:

Google told us that the Q&A on Google no longer exists, but Google Question Hub The scope of launch last year is wider. This does not affect the “question center”, it is specific to the user’s ability to provide answers, and only applies to a set of selected topics in India. Google allows users to download their data in Google Takeout.

This is the complete email:

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