Google’s November 2021 core update shakes November 24th and 25th

As of yesterday and today, we have again seen large fluctuations in Google search results, which may be the end of the Google core update in November 2021. Yes, talk about the time-Black Friday shopping is ongoing today and tomorrow. Yes, we know that it will take about one to two weeks for these core updates to be fully rolled out, and Google has not yet confirmed that they have been rolled out. Will these vibrations have nothing to do with core updates? Of course-everything is possible. But this is an update to the early major changes we saw in the first 48 hours of launch here.

Almost all of these tools show high volatility-some tools began to show changes yesterday, November 24, and most tools now have a peak in the changes in Google search results today, on Thanksgiving Day, November 25.

Search engine optimization chatter

During the Thanksgiving week, there was a lot of discussion around these changes. Here are some small chats from WebmasterWorld:

The traffic on Tuesday was 97%, the US PV dropped significantly, but I think this is just the Thanksgiving holiday, and as expected, today is quieter.

For me, the whole of November is the lowest month of the year, and December is always the quietest.

U.S. traffic has dropped by 47% today… Some of my main landing pages have dropped by 29%-45%. The total number of searches dropped by 8%, a direct drop of 17%, and the recommended traffic dropped by 75%. If this is just a holiday statement, then this year will be a huge drop.

Does it feel like things are still going on for me? Strange traffic patterns in real time today.

Obviously got out. There is a second wave, which started just 7 days after the first wave. Its effect is more similar.

Compared to previous weeks, our traffic dropped slightly yesterday, but this is not surprising because it is always (and today) because it is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

Still in the past year, we have lost about 35% of our traffic, and I hope this core update can solve this problem.

Here are some things people share on Twitter:

And more about Twitter Just scroll through the replies there…

Tracking tool

Tracking tools also show great changes.



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Advanced network ranking:

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SERP indicators:

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Cognitive search engine optimization:

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Ranking Ranger:

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So in the past day or so, during the biggest online shopping season of the year, things seem to heat up.

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