Google local service reviews are not displayed in Google Maps?Why it happened and what to do

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Many companies use Google’s Local service advertisement (Also known as “Google Guarantee”) the program is displayed at the top of local search results-above all other advertisements and above the local map (also known as a 3-pack).

Local service advertising (LSA) is still not a choice for every business, nor is it a good choice for everyone, but if my client’s experience is a good indicator, they usually make money for the business that uses them. I mean people see the ad, click on the ad, and in some cases become customers. (If you want to know more, Tom Waddington Made a LSA overview)

Google even makes it easier to ask customers’ reviews: Google gives you Special “Write a Review” link (Different from One of Google My Business) And encourage you to use it to comment. If you use this link, or otherwise encourage LSA customers to comment on you in the LSA interface, you will get the comments displayed along with your ad. As far as they are concerned, these comments are great.

The problem is that your local service reviews are not displayed in Google Maps. Even if your Google Maps reviews appear well in ads, you still think they are the same thing (“Google reviews are Google reviews”).

If the number of comments you see in Google MAPS (including the right sidebar) is lower than the number of comments you see in local service ads, you can definitely encounter this issue.

So, for example, if your ad says you have 35 Google reviews, but your Google Maps review count only shows 25 reviews, then you now know why: about 10 customers specifically write reviews in “local service ads” (Probably from your custom link), not on Google Maps for everyone to view. Now, if a potential customer clicks on your ad, they will see these 10 comments.

especially In this difficult time, You need to get all the reviews and local SEO mojo, and hope that potential customers will see All Your praise, and hope to minimize the cost to Google during this process. How is this going?

Not your comment was Filtered, Or you did something wrong, or your customer/commentor did something wrong. quite, LSA reviews and Google Maps reviews are not the same thing, they will not appear in the same place.

These buckets are only somewhat separated because Google will pull customer Google Maps reviews into your ad and count these reviews in the total number shown in the ad. Therefore, in a sense, there is overlap: Comments someone has written to you in Google Maps will appear in all places, including your local service ads.

Why doesn’t Google simply bring LSA comments into Google Maps or just make one type of comment? I want to know the same thing. My guess is a combination of the following three reasons:

1. The privacy of reviewers. Maybe someone is willing to write a review about the local service advertising business, but does not want his/her review to be publicly displayed in Google Maps and his or her Google user profile. Google has to balance privacy rights on the one hand (so that they will not be prosecuted more), and on the other hand to make money from comments.If Google accepts advertising fees from business owners, tell them to solicit reviews and encourage customers to click on the ads because These reviews then make it difficult for customers to write reviews, or make them timid or filter reviews, which is a problem for everyone. It’s a compromise to make comments only appear in local search ads.

2. Google may hope to make LSA more attractive by increasing the total number of comments. If a customer walking around can see 25 reviews of a certain company or 35 reviews of the same company, which set of reviews might provide him or her with a better company profile? I guess more comments will get clicks most of the time. If the person who clicked the “local service advertisement” ended up subscribing to the service through Google, then of course Google would get a deal.

3. Over time, this is an engineering problem. Comments on Google Maps predate “local service ads”.Start with the introduction of the latter by Google In 2015, Google must slide ads into search results for long-term testing without destroying local search results so much that no one uses them or wants to advertise in them.In addition, for this reason, most corporate Google reviews are kept in Google MAPS, not in Google MAPS through “local service ads”, but Google must somehow include reviews in LSA higher Better than the one in the “map”. This is why they are not two completely separate comment buckets. Ultimately, if there are more comments left through local service ads than Google Maps, then Google comes to the following conclusion: “Cool – LSA comments are no longer spam”, and then separate them completely, I won’t Surprised. Of course, separating elements is not always effective.

The main reason why Google Maps reviews are so powerful- made up with spam Constantly-almost everyone will see them sooner or later. They appear in 3 packs. They are displayed in Google Maps and included in the application. Number of comments, Average rating, When someone searches for you by your name for the first time or clicks on you in the search results, an excerpt of the comment will be displayed in the right sidebar (also known as the knowledge panel). They are almost inevitable, and Google Features are usually added to Google Maps comments And put them in more places in the search results.

This is not the case with Google reviews left through local service advertisements (via special links). They are visible, but they can still be avoided. Currently, they only appear in your ads. Their main function is to attract more people to click on your ads, so they can book through Google, so Google can browse.

Do i have any suggestions? Ask customers to comment on you directly on Google Maps instead of through local service ads. These comments will still be displayed in your local service ads, but not limited to your ads. Normally, all customers need to do is Google the name of your company and click on the “Write a Review” link.

Google Maps directions are a little more difficult for them and you, and their comments still have a chance to get Filtered, But this is an acceptable compromise. I suspect you will find that Google Maps reviews (everyone sees this type of review) contain more trouble than Local Services Ads reviews. In part, this is because (in my experience) LSA audits are easier to break, short and less useful.

By the way, what should you do to the reviewer already Was it written through a local service advertisement? Consider allowing these customers to repost their reviews in Google Maps. At least on the map, more people can see the comment. If your customers find it easier, they can request to copy and paste the comments they have already written to you via LSA. Now you are thinking.

If you find it difficult to attract people to write Google Maps reviews for you, here are some Economical ways to make it easier:

Especially if you still get reviews on other online sites, these Google Maps reviews can also help you succeed. No matter how invisible or visible you are now, they can help you improve your ranking and help you attract more customers.It’s worth the effort to make Google’s comments correct. This is The most rewarding use of your time I can think of.

How do you balance Google LSA reviews and Google Maps reviews?

any problem?

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