Google Ads API version 7.0

Google has Published Version 7.0 Google Ads API. Google said that this is from version 6.1.0 released on April 10, 2021. To use v7 features, you will need to upgrade the client library and client code.

Google says these are the highlights of the Google Ads API version 7.0, but you can see the full list of changes Right here:

  • We now have new assets allowable Test account:
    • Label assets
    • Structured summary assets
    • Site-linked assets
  • The promotional assets we add can be used for production and test accounts.
  • Google Ads API now supports reports Apple’s SKAdNetwork. Through this feature, advertisers can query the number of SKAdNetwork conversions received from their iOS apps and the SKAdNetwork conversion value of these conversions.
  • Keyword planning Now supports:
    • Refine keywords Use annotation data
    • Choose a custom date range for search volume
    • Keyword ideas generated by the request and aggregate metrics for keywords in the keyword plan
  • We added ad_group_ad_label with ad_group_criterion_label label In order to more easily filter and select.
  • You can now manage Bid strategy and campaign simulation.
  • We updated the resource exceeded error to include more detailed information, such as what type of limit was exceeded and how many resources the limit allows.
  • Now you can use marginal ROI campaign budget recommendations. If we predict that the return on investment of the campaign will increase, this suggestion suggests adjusting the budget of the campaign.

The Google Ads API is an upgraded version of the Google AdWords API and has been fully released in the following versions: September 2020 After an early error that caused the software to execute incorrectly Be restored months ago.

Version 7.0 should be stable, but if you want to wait and see, you can do so at any time.

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