GMB free website for spam and Google Cant deletion

Spammers always find new ways to send spam, and their latest stumbling block is Google My Business’s free website for businesses that don’t have a website.

The only problem is that “Google My Business” cannot delete these spam sites, but instead requires users to report these sites to Google-what are you waiting for?

Google My Business Spam Site

in June 2017 Google My Business has launched a one-page mobile-friendly website for small businesses that are created directly and integrated with the Google My Business page.

Free Google website spam-online ownership

I will not list some of these sites, you can create a site: search for it yourself.

Google Spam Site Site Search Query-Online Ownership

Please note that even after the 2017 payday loan algorithm and its 2019 payday loan algorithm updated by Google, payday loans are still pending.

Why can’t Google delete them?

At the time of publishing this article, these sites cannot be deleted by Google My Business (I hope they will find a solution soon).

When users create a “Google My Business” list, they can create and publish a free Google website that will be attached to the unique CID created for the GMB list.

If the list is deleted due to spam/forgery or merge, the CID will be deleted, but this will not delete the created website. Because the CID was deleted, they cannot access to click the “Unpublish” button and 404 the website.

Instead, “Google My Business Support” requires users who report this spam site to report the site to Google in the following ways:

Another problem is that when you click to remove Google products, they do not provide GMB. Therefore, I currently recommend choosing-Google site (Google’s Wiki and web page creation tool).


Spammers have now discovered this weird phenomenon in the “Google My Business” system (for obvious reasons, I will not explain how to create a spam list) and have taken advantage of it.

  • Create for free
  • Hosted by Google

And it is impossible to delete, or to rely on users who encounter this situation to take the time to submit a report to Google. I still don’t know if anyone sees a commercial website that deletes it after seeing the report-I would love to hear it.

I have made a request so far. Time will tell you whether you want to delete the business website. If you want to delete it, you need to determine the time range.

Online ownership provides Google My Business Consulting When a disgruntled employee who encounters a serious mistake creates a spam site about your business, it finds it difficult to navigate the product and the business involved with the quirks.

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