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Global Fund for Women CEO on her biggest lessons


Latanya Mapp Frett, CEO and president of the Global Fund for Women, shares her career-defining lightbulb moment with CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons.”

Latanya Mapp Frett has held top roles at major non-profits like the Global Fund for Women and Planned Parenthood Global, so you would think she has her career all figured out.

“It’s easy to say at some point in your career and in your life, ‘I’ve already done that. I already know that. I have tried that before, and it either did not work or it did work,'” Mapp Frett told CNBC “Make It.”

However, Mapp Frett warns this outlook risks turning experience into a handicap, potentially causing a leader to miss out on opportunities.

“What I ask is that you always stay in learning mode, that you always stay open,” she said. “Even if you’ve done it before, you’d be willing to do it again for someone else … in a different environment or in a different geography.”

This is just one of the five lessons Latanya Mapp Frett shared with CNBC. Watch the video above to learn the others.

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