Follow-Google explains that Rel=”Follow” is not a problem

Google has some link attributes that allow you to tell Google not to pass any link signals from the link to the website you are linking to.There is the classic rel=”nofollow” and Newer rel=”ugc” and rel=”sponsored”. However, no, there is no do follow or rel=”follow” attribute.

Yes, sometimes SEO will refer to links that do not have any rel=”nofollow” and the newer rel=”ugc” and rel=”sponsored” attributes on them as “follow links”, but no, Google will not, There is a rel=”follow” on this link and we must follow it. Google will ignore reading attributes with rel=”follow”.

Therefore, if you put rel=”nofollow” and rel=”follow” on the same link, Google will ignore rel=”follow” and follow the rel=”nofollow” directive.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed this Twitter Say “we don’t use “follow”-it is ignored like other unused attributes.”

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