Finding a route to the US: how international expansion won us a B2B search award with orgvue

So it’s official! Hallam has argued Drum Search Award 2021 B2B Campaign! This is simply the last huge prize our agency has won in the last 12 months, coming just a few weeks after we were named. Sunday Times Annual Top 100 Jobs list.

As an agency, we are proud to offer only the best, and in this field they are not much bigger than The Drum Awards, which recognize best practices, best companies and the best people in the entire marketing and communications industry.

Instead of keeping all the secrets to yourself, you can find out how and why our B2B campaign with orgvue excellence …


orgvue is a fast-growing technology brand in organizational design and planning. Winning this award closely follows several key moments in the orgvue journey.

After securing an investment of £ 41 million in 2018, a complete overhaul of the platform and a rebranding of the company in 2020; it is a great sign of orgvue’s continued global growth and marketing success.


orgvue came to us with the great goal of … expanding its international digital footprint, targeting the U.S. and UK markets, and driving traffic and conversions through the newly created website.

OK, now with a strategic goal set. How did we achieve this?

We knew it would require a campaign that would harmonize their approach to searches and serve the purpose of driving not only leads, but qualified leads as well as actual meetings and new customers.

What did we do?

Our strategy had several directions.

Here goes:

1. To launch the organization’s website in May 2020, we integrated ourselves into the project team, developing a taxonomy and a funnel keyword strategy, and working closely with the client and his external development agency.

2. Next was a paid search! In addition to restructuring and optimizing your Google and Bing campaigns, we also went a step further by calculating the values ​​for each different type of lead and entering that data back into Google Ads to enable smart bidding to maximize conversion value on a limited budget.

3. You can’t get a strategy without content and creativity, right? The two teams worked together to create dynamic content landing pages to reduce bounce rates, meet the needs of each individual search query, improve Google Ad Quality Score to reduce CPCs, and get the most sales leads for sales plans. process.

4. And last but certainly not least, we combined our SEO and paid media data to make informed strategic decisions to increase overall search visibility and manage MQLs, meetings and closed revenue.

Our results …

The moment you’ve been waiting for! The plan was certain, but what was the result of its implementation?

Orgue organic traffic increased by 26% in 2020, the number of organic demo requests increased by 109%, while paid traffic increased by 173% and paid demo requests by 489%!

Not bad, right? There is more.

Most importantly, combined SEO and paid closed revenue increased by 168%, which we believe is a much more important measure than the increase in traffic and demo queries …


Kathy Harvey, head of digital marketing at Orgvue, said:

“After a thorough selection process, orgvue selected Hallam as our digital marketing partner in December 2019, focusing on search, with big, hairy and brazen goals. We set up a single search strategy: organic and paid. Within a few weeks, Hallam implemented this strategy and the results have been groundbreaking. In addition to being remarkable in their performance, Hallam also reflects our values ​​and works with us as a continuation of our marketing team. They are the cutest bunch of people to work with. “

Hallotte’s media director Charlotte Tomlinson added:

“One of the organisation’s main requirements for the agency was to establish a long-term, fully integrated partnership with their internal marketing team and existing agency partners, and we were proud and excited to be part of their growth story. It has been such a good experience working with orgvue for the last 18 months and we look forward to what the future holds! “

Learn more about our approach here.

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