Elements of a high-converting landing page

Has the conversion rate of your website dropped for a while, and you don’t know how to solve it?

This situation has always existed, most of the time companies will encounter conversion problems, rather than traffic problems.

The first thing we always check is the destination, the traffic will flow to the correct landing page. You can have the most beautiful website, but without an optimized login page, you will miss many new business opportunities.

Please continue reading below to understand the landing page and the elements needed to ensure conversion.

Landing page and homepage

If you are new to digital marketing, you may not know how the login page is different from the homepage. The fact is that they have a unique role.

Both can be seen on your website and help attract new customers, but their purpose is no different. Think of the homepage as a storefront. This is what people see when they walk through the front door.

The homepage is like a brand hub, directing visitors to the content they are looking for. The focus of the homepage should be on improving the overall brand, rather than letting individual products overgrown. The home page is global.

Take a look at the homepage below.

The design is great, but when visitors see many options, it is difficult to sell on one product. Instead, they must find exactly what they are looking for.

An example of the homepage of an HVAC company.

On the other hand, the landing page is a specific single page that attempts to make the visitor perform certain actions, such as making a purchase, registering for an electronic newsletter, or downloading an application.

When companies order pay-per-click (PPC) ads, they will also create strategic landing pages. The ad will direct potential buyers to the landing page with a strong call to action. The landing page completes the transaction.

HOTH how to set up a customer landing page

You can create a landing page for a product or service and provide a series of options. However, in order to be effective, certain marketing-based elements must exist.

We all know that conversion can be difficult. The previous “Seven Marketing Rules” stipulated that potential customers must interact with your brand at least seven times before taking action.

And some conversions (such as registering for e-newsletters) are easier to obtain than others (purchasing expensive goods).

According to Wordstream’s industry standard conversion rate is 6.98%. This means that for all the money invested by automakers, household goods retailers or lawyers, they can only get about 7% of visitor conversions.

Does it seem a bit low? It may be that these companies do not include all the necessary elements for conversion.

In contrast, the conversion rate of the HOTH PPC landing page was 19.55 percent.

This proves that the average conversion rate of HOTH is 19.55%.

You may be wondering how we do it? Our strategy is twofold. First, we ensure that PPC ads are fully optimized and include the best text and images. This will ensure that more relevant visitors are directed to your landing page.

Next, we make sure that each landing page has the key elements for efficient conversion.

One of the best things you can do with a landing page is to “collapse” to include the most important information.

Focus on your web content “on the fold”

You may be wondering what is meant by “down payment”? Originally, this was a term used to describe the content displayed above the newspaper folds, but today it is related to everything in the upper half of the page.

There is obviously no “folding” on the page, but it means everything that a visitor might see before they have to start scrolling.

This is an example of “difficulties”:

one example "Fold up" From the homepage of the cleaning company.

HOTH cooperates with more than 200,000 companies. During that time, we have viewed hundreds of heat maps and data from tens of thousands of page views.

What are your attention to each of the following heat maps?

Example #1

Heat map of the homepage of the recruitment company SalesFuel.

Example #2

Heat map of the homepage of an elevator repair company.

Example #3

Home page heat map of Stuttering Therapy Company.

The red part of each page is where visitors click the most. We also added a line to indicate the average multiple. As you can see, the most valuable content is above this polyline.

When we design landing pages for our clients, we make sure that their key information “bears the brunt.” We also used important elements of landing pages with high conversion rates.

The main elements of a high conversion rate landing page

Here are the elements that we include in each landing page order. Whether we are working with a plumbing company or a yacht broker, these essential elements are all on the page.

This consistency allowed us to obtain an average conversion rate of 19.55 percent. See what your page needs to be effective.


The headline is probably the most important copy on the entire landing page. It needs to attract visitors within seconds of navigating to the page. We often test multiple titles to find out which one works best.

The title also needs to include your main keywords or phrases so that readers can know exactly what the page is about.

Your offer

Once you have attracted the attention of visitors, you need to attract them with quotes. What are your customers looking for? If you don’t know it yet, some research may be needed. But this is an important warning: the product you provide may succeed or fail.

Most of your audience will “catch a cold,” which means this is their first interaction with you. Therefore, we have established a low-barrier offer. We will start with discounts, free consultations, downloadable lead magnets, free videos, etc.

No matter what we provide, we will ensure that it is more valuable than the attention of visitors when submitting personal information.

No navigation and external URL

This step is very important! You’ve spent all this advertising money to attract visitors to your landing page, and the last thing you need to do is send them away. Never provide navigation or links to external URLs.

The only two options available to visitors should be conversion or bounce. The design of your landing page should focus on lasers. Don’t leave any ambiguity.

CTA (Call to Action)

As mentioned above, CTA is the core of your landing page. That should be the only choice the visitor takes.

But what is a good call to action? Usually, it’s an eye-catching button with a short phrase, such as “Order now” or “Ask me for a free consultation.” All copies on the landing page should support the goal.

Social proof

Online consumers like comments. In fact, 68% of consumers Just read 1-6 comments to form an opinion about your business.

Providing reviews, recommendations, trust badges or listing the awards you have won will make it easier for potential customers to trust you. Social proof is particularly important for new users or cold traffic.

Customer recommendations can be easily added to your landing page:

See how easy it is to add testimonials to your login page.

Page speed

How long does it take for your page to load?A kind Slow page speed May hurt your conversion.

Google recommends that the bounce rate should be less than 5 seconds on both mobile and desktop platforms. The PPC login page is built for speed and usually exceeds Google’s guidelines.

We often have some new customers who have never checked the page speed before.A great resource Check the speed is GTmetrix.

Our landing page focuses on speed.In the screenshot below, you will see that the average loading speed of this page is 1 second.

An example of checking the page speed of the cleaning company login page.

Mobile optimization

Compared with desktop computers, more and more people now use mobile phones to search the Internet. Now, mobile phones account for more than half of all Internet traffic, Increased by 222% in the last seven years.

As more and more potential customers shop on mobile phones, it is important to optimize your website to support this format. Nothing can take customers away faster than a disorganized mobile version.

Check out how a cleaning company optimized its mobile website:

A mobile-optimized website for cleaning companies.

Easy-to-read copy (no long paragraphs!)

When designing the landing page, we always ensure that the copy is easy to read, browseable, and free of large blocks of text. This is very important for all web replication, especially for login pages.

A marketing study found Online visitors only read about 20% of the text On the average page. This means you need to eliminate the fluff and make every word count.

This copy should focus on the customer’s problems and how your product or service solves these problems. At HOTH, we break it down into 80% of visitors and 20% of the company.

This is a valid example of the copy and layout below the fold:

An example of a short copy appears below the fold.

As you can see, this company combined graphics and headings to help skimmers. Visitors can get all the key details in a few seconds.

in conclusion

Now, you should understand the difference between the home page and the login page. HOTH has more than doubled the average landing page conversion rate because we include all the elements discussed in this article.

There are no secret seasonings or proprietary information in our back pockets. We just need to use these high conversion elements to optimize the customer’s login page and modify it when needed.

Our company also employs the most talented copywriters, designers and PPC advertising managers on the market.

Do you need help setting up landing pages or optimizing content that currently needs to increase conversions? Reservation phone With one of our PPC experts today, we can talk about your goals!

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