Dubai postcard verification issue for Google My Business

Companies attempting to verify their “Google My Business Information” in Dubai/UAE will often encounter problems sending verification postcards, because the company mainly uses a post office box instead of the actual address of the mail.

Google My Business did test the “PO Box” section for merchants in the UAE/Dubai, but this section has been removed due to unreliable and abuse of the merchant’s identity verification.

notes: I have successfully used the postcard verification function in hundreds of businesses in the Dubai CBD-lost postcards are often not in the CBD.

Key points about postcard verification

1. If this is the only option shown in the verification, you must use this option.
2. After 14 days after the request is made, please contact the business support for help with manual verification.
3. Add the image of the commercial sign to your list photo-speed up manual verification.

Contact business support for verification assistance

Get help form:

The trick is not to get into trouble by looking at the help documentation!

Search problem-postcard not delivered

Contact Business Support-Search Questions-Online Ownership

Choose the best suggestion

Contact Business Support-Selection Questions-Online Ownership

Skip the recommended answer-this is a loop you don’t want to fall into.

Contact business support-skip suggested answer-online ownership

Depending on the method of business support and/or during working hours, depending on the contact information provided.

Contact Business Support-Contact Information-Online Ownership

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