Does the Google SERP function change signal resume in March 2021?

This is the first in a series that is updated monthly Local package O table data.Every month we report about 60 million U.S. search queries on the changes in the Google SERP function (by Trajectory data). Without further ado, here is the report for March 2021:

feels like February, Most of the operations in March took place in local packages, PAA, advertising and shopping boxes. These changes seem to me as the main indicators of economic growth.

    1. The presence rate of local packaging increased by about 3%
      Starting in January, local packages have continued to climb steadily. My feeling is that this is driven by the emergence of more and more “open” areas combined with Spring. If you are a pure e-commerce participant, this may be why your organic clicks may not increase even if search volume increases. Local retailers may wish to check their GMB and/or in-store activity against their e-commerce traffic, as these “local” elements may grow at the expense of e-commerce.
    2. PAA continues to grow
      PAA SERP function March 2021The number of “People Also Ask” widgets increased by approximately four percent. In the past year, PAA has become the most stable SERP function. Start answering the questions of those people!
    3. Advertising and shopping box = $
      Advertising SERP function March 2021Shopping Box SERP function March 2021In February, both factors were growth outliers. In March, these money-making people continued to grow, with advertisements increasing by about 5 percentage points and shopping boxes by about 1.4 percentage points. My guess is that people are spending money due to opening, spring and stimulus measures, and businesses want to make sure they spend their money in the right place.

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