Core network vitality and page experience update: what they mean to local businesses

Update: Changes have been made to the schedule listed below, Google announced on April 19 The update will be rolled out from mid-June 2021 and is unlikely to be fully rolled out before the end of August 2021.

Google is currently aggregating final changes for search algorithm updates They announced that they will land in May 2021.

This update is called the “page experience” update because it focuses on usability, rather than things such as keywords or search relevance. Google has provided some information about this update, which is designed to measure and rank the user experience when visiting the page.

Google has issued a lot of warnings about this update, and this fact shows that you need to understand how to take this update seriously. We know that this will affect organic search results, but so far, it has not been determined whether it will have a specific impact on Google My Business Ranking.

Although this update is scheduled to be released in May, there is no reason not to ask it to lead and ask myself: “What does the Page Experience update mean to my local SEO efforts?”

Here, we will study the updated working methods and provide some clear and feasible steps to help you optimize your local business website for this purpose.

What is the “page experience” update?

At the highest level, this update will be implemented for the first time The core network vitality defined by Google in 2020 Enter the search algorithm. The purpose of these indicators is that users should have a simple, reliable, safe, and workable web experience on any device.

The Page Experience update is ultimately a way to elevate these metrics from “request” to “demand”. At least in theory, if a comparable competitor performs better in Core Web Vitals, the search performance of your local business website will worse.

source: Google

In other words, the Page Experience update is not only related to the new Core Web Vitals. It includes many usability factors that are already important in search, but with the release of this update, these factors may become more important.

Let’s take a look at the key elements of the “page experience” update:

Core network life

Google’s Core Web Vital is much faster than simple page load speeds, and it is a relatively new way to measure the performance of a website across the web. Recently, ordinary users want a seamless and fast browsing experience, especially on mobile devices.

What is the “core network vitality” indicator?

  • The biggest satisfactory paint: How fast is the maximum content loading speed
  • First input delay: How quickly the page responds to the first user input
  • Cumulative layout shift: Stability of visual elements on the page

Core network life

source: Google

In order to support the release of Core Web Vitals, Google has released or updated A set of tools Help webmasters master the performance of their website.

Web Vitals core tools

source: Google

For local businesses, a significant increase in CWV over your competitors can enable you to become a leader in your area, thereby allowing you to rank higher in search rankings for local search terms.

Intrusiveness of website design

When browsing the web, all of us have experienced too many intrusive widgets and pop-up windows. In fact, these seem to have become more popular in recent years.

With the acceptance of cookies, the opt-in of newsletters, shopping basket reminders and reminders that you are about to leave, it’s no surprise that Google decided to respond to these negative experiences.

This is not just a vicious and bad experience.Your local Content marketing Efforts may bring negative experiences without you realizing it. For example, elements can be loaded differently on other devices with different screen ratios.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly has now become mobile first. To access a large number of networks through mobile devices, it is imperative for Google to provide the same excellent experience as a desktop or laptop computer.

Google, which has more than 3.5 billion smartphone users, is not surprisingly paying more attention to this indicator than ever before. Google has stated that the “Page Experience” update will specifically consider how your website is displayed on mobile devices.

For local SEO, this is even more important. Local searches are mainly performed on mobile devices (60%), making it an essential part of any local SEO to optimize for mobile devices.

Privacy and safe browsing

Spam and malicious websites have long been targeted by Google. Naturally, it does not want users to enter harmful websites from its search results, thereby damaging the search experience. Hope this is one of the most dangerous things you might do as a local business owner.

However, in addition to malicious activities, the page experience also means that Google will prefer secure sites (HTTPS). If you want your SEO efforts to bear fruit in 2021, SSL certification will no longer be optional.

How to master the top of the “page experience” update

So, how can you make this update in advance and ensure that these changes will not hinder your local SEO efforts?

Like any other Google product, they will focus on the page level. Of course, the overall ranking of your website may be important, but remember that Google ranks web pages and I would be surprised if this indicator is applied differently.

Check your page and use it to develop an action plan. Read your blog posts and product/service pages and apply these tips on each page to understand what you need to improve.

Increase speed and reduce errors

It doesn’t matter if you are the store owner who created the product page or someone enters B2B content marketing And blogs, to make your website look better on Google, one of the most powerful things you can do is speed up your website. It is no accident that Google has released various tools to help you do this.

Integrate metrics such as page speed with Chrome user experience report Understand the effect your website brings to users.

You can use Google’s page speed toolkit to go beyond these elements of a corporate website.Just go here Associate, Google will give you a detailed introduction to the operation of your media resources.

Other than that, please make sure you are running Local search audit On your website. These will help you find pages that are not running fast enough and need to be focused on.

If speed is the area where you can focus on positive signals, make sure you also don’t ignore negative signals. These aforementioned review tools will also help you identify errors. For example, the “400 error” will need to be cleared.

We believe that this update will contain all related errors. Fortunately, these are common SEO technical errors that most tools can check and help you solve. The best time to solve the technical SEO of your website couldn’t be more appropriate, as you browse the website, it can make your website look great in the eyes of Google.

Compare the page experience of major competitors’ websites

Therefore, you might think that browsing a local business website is a great experience, and you might have checked the “web experience” metrics and thought they looked good. But what about your competitors? What are they doing better than you? Once the update is released, how can you benefit from it? It’s time for a competition audit.

Check the local search terms you want to rank for, and see who ranks well for those terms. Go to their website and insert it into the page experience tool linked above. Do they perform better than you, which means you need to improve your game?

When reviewing, don’t just focus on new indicators. Take some time to research other ways their page experience might be better than yours. Identify common themes among competitors.Do they have a lot Positive comments? They have a Chat function? Do they have structured content to help them appear in local searches?

Sometimes, looking at your competitors is the best and most unassuming way to help you determine what changes you need to make on your website. I hope to perform this operation at least once a year and make sure that my website is not lagging behind the best page experience in the field.

Remember, don’t just try game These sites.try hit they. Strive to get a better experience than they provide, and Google will reward you for a long time.

Take the time to analyze your website layout and design

After looking at it from the outside, it’s time to look at yourself. We have discussed what a bad experience is like. Now it is time to make sure that you did not make the same mistake.

It can be tempting to try to use as many methods as possible to attract customers. But these will multiply quickly, and the negative impact will increase the page experience.I understand Many small businesses make these content errors.

You must optimize your page for “Google My Business”. If your page layout or design does not meet this goal, you will be at a disadvantage from a local SEO perspective.

Depending on the type of local SEO business you are engaged in, you may try to require website visitors to sign up for a newsletter or get in touch with you through your form, which prevents someone from jumping on the phone or staying near your geographic location. .

You need to identify these barriers to prevent your users from getting the best experience on your website.The best way is through Heat map tools like Hotjar.

Once the user’s explicit consent is obtained, the tool can track where the user clicked and provide a detailed session log or video to see where your user encounters a blocker or bad UI.

Get insights from it and try to understand how people use your website. Are they looking for an invisible local phone number? Are they looking for a price list or menu that is not on your website?

in conclusion

Google increasingly understands the value users get from visiting websites. Although the “on-page experience” update may have less impact on your site’s ranking than off-page SEO, it may be different when competing for the most common natural search terms.

This difference can bring great value to your business. You should not only consider financial gains. It’s usually a good habit to consider how competitors build websites.

Set a regular time interval to perform the steps in this article, and you will have a successful page experience!

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