CMO Priorities Study, Global Media Status Report, Google Updates Ad Insights and US Advertising Spending Operations

Twitter is launching an initial test of professional profiles of trademarks and creators
Twitter has begun testing new professional profiles of brands and creators that include company information, endorsements, and may have galleries and other elements, the social media platform recently announced. Social media today

These are currently the most important organizational priorities for marketers
Forty-five percent of CMO board members expect to upgrade or recruit for market entry and operations, while 38 percent say they do so for content and demand, followed by about 33 percent who intend to upgrade to interactive digital marketing, according to recently published CMO priority research data. the top three that interest digital marketers. Marketing tables

The Google Ads Stats page is public
Google has launched a worldwide distribution of the latest incarnation of its popular Google Ads platform, including a series of updated statistics features to find current and emerging trends tailored to each company’s profile, a search giant recently announced. Search engine roundtable

In the first annual pandemic comparison, US advertising spending will increase by 22% in March
Digital advertising spending in the U.S. rose 27 percent in March from the same month in 2020, with overall advertising spending up 22 percent year-on-year, according to the newly released Standard Media Index. MediaPost

YouTube offers a new overview of how its video referral systems work
Google YouTube has released its latest guide for trademarks and creators, including new information on certain aspects of its video referral system, such as high-quality viewing time and other engagement signals, the video platform recently announced. Social media today

The new Instagram test allows you to choose whether you want to hide “Like” to follow the Facebook test
Instagram has begun testing the ability to turn similar counters on and off, along with the ability for users to hide in their posts like censuses, a Facebook-owned social media platform announced, a change that could affect how marketers measure content performance. TechCrunch

2021 April 23 Statistics image

Facebook adds a schedule for stories, new ads, and opportunities to discover businesses
Facebook has given its Business Suite users new scheduling options for Instagram and Facebook stories, including the ability to save drafts along with updated features for other business users, the company recently announced. Social media today

Is your team solving problems or just identifying them?
There is a bigger difference in identifying and solving problems than many usually think, and Harvard Business Review explores how creating creative collaborations can work together to better solve problems and other issues of interest to online marketers. Harvard Business Review

The new report looks at the most effective marketing approaches to influencers and key focus platforms
71 percent of business marketers said their influencers’ marketing budgets would increase from 2020 levels, while 36 percent saw their influencer’s content outperforming brand-created content – two of the many findings of interest to digital marketers in newly published research. Social media today


2021 April 23 Marketoonist cartoon

A cordial look “Friction of customer experience” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne – Marketoonist

NFTs and artificial intelligence disrupt the concept of history – Connected


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