Case study: Can a few related links promote low-traffic sites?

This is a small-scale case study that does not involve a control group. The purpose of this test is to see whether a small number of links from related sites and pages will affect the ranking and traffic of pages with low traffic and competitive conditions.

Experiment start time: October 2019

End of experiment: June 2020

Related links: 4


Impact on ranking: None

Impact on traffic: none

Across the site, April 1 related to known algorithmic events in Australia appears to have increased.

Clicks and impressionsAverage position

Another ranking and traffic increase happened during the core update in May 2020:



Although the introduction of a small number of related links will not affect the ranking of linked pages, in the ongoing process of Google’s algorithm adjustment, the newly acquired links cannot prevent the growth of the entire website. Considering that no other links were added to the test domain during the experiment, it can be said that they can even help.

Thanks to our volunteers, this case study was realized. If you want to contribute to future testing or follow up on this test, please let us know.

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