B2B site visitor survey, confidence in technical downturns, setbacks in advertising costs and Pinterest’s first B2B advertising campaign

B2B myopia: Brands and visitors have different minds about what works on websites
59 percent of B2B marketing customers say they like website reviews and testimonials, compared to only 37 percent of B2B marketers, while 44 percent of marketers consider persuasive brand messages important in creating a compelling website experience, compared to only 24 percent of website visitors – two of many recently published interesting findings. MediaPost

Pinterest launches B-to-B campaign “Be their next”
Pinterest has launched its first global B2B campaign targeting advertisers in the U.S. and five other countries to strengthen B2B brand engagement on a visually oriented social media platform, and shared survey data shows Pinterest users are 25 percent more likely to tell others about new products, the company said recently. Week

Magna predicts faster-than-expected rebound as advertising spending is set at $ 240 billion in 2021
U.S. advertising revenue is expected to grow 6.4 percent year-on-year to $ 240 billion in 2021, with digital advertising sales up 13 percent as the pandemic accelerated the digital transition, according to recently released forecasts. AdExchanger

Consumers are relaunching, from brands to relationships, data transmissions
The pandemic has made consumers more aware of the brands they do business with, and millennia are now about 24 percent more optimistic about business travel – two of the many statistics of interest to online marketers in a recently published report looked at more than a billion social and search behaviors. MediaPost

YouTube extends monetization to many types of content
Google has implemented less restrictive advertiser-friendly guidelines on its YouTube platform, including replacing several instances of partial monetization with advertisers’ ability to make a full profit, YouTube recently announced. Search engine magazine

What metrics do creative teams monitor?
According to recently published survey data, 67 percent of creative teams are surveyed for the most observable indicators of creativity, 42 percent read projects applied for, 38 percent measure time spent, while about 36 percent monitor projects by type of work. teams. Marketing tables

2021 April 9 Statistics image

Google is starting to try an alternative to its FLoC cookies in Chrome
Google has begun testing its Web browser cookie tracking replacement system, Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), in its popular Chrome browser, a search giant recently announced. TechCrunch

The study found that women should be responsible for inaccurate images in brands
Only 15 percent of Gen Z demographics say the media does an accurate job of portraying women, according to recently published U.S. adult survey data of interest to digital marketers, which also showed that the baby boom and Gen Z are most likely to hold brands responsible for women’s portrayals. MediaPost

Facebook is launching new dynamic ads for video streaming platforms
Facebook has introduced a new type of ad for its selection of Dynamic Ads for streaming, offering personalized previews and other new features targeted at streaming brands, a social media giant recently announced. Social media today

A belt of trust: why we lose confidence in technology [Edelman Trust Barometer]
Public confidence in the technology sector has declined, falling from 78% worldwide in 2019 to 68% in 2021, with a further decline in the US, where confidence in the technology sector fell from 73% to 57% – one of many findings of interest to digital marketers in a recent survey . MediaPost


2021 April 9 Marketoonist cartoon

A cordial look “Customer-centric culture” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne – Marketoonist

April Fool’s Day: BMW’s self-driving car and Heinz and Innocent create a “mood” – Drum


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