Asian search engine support expansion

This week we added support for ranking tracking to three other Asian search engines:

Good search with Sogou Join our Google, Google Maps and Baidu in China to track the ranking of the Chinese market.

Cocoa In Vietnam, we have added Google, Google Maps and Bing ranking tracking for the Vietnamese market.

If you are doing SEO in China or Vietnam, you may be familiar with these search engines, but for the benefit of others, we will explore them in this article.

Haosou Ranking Tracking

When you add the Haosou search engine to your ranking tracking activity, you can now support Haosou’s top 100 results, including landing page data.

Haosou had an estimated 81 million visits last month. Although it has not yet made it into Baidu’s list (estimated monthly visits of 1 billion), it does seem to be focused on improving the user experience. I found search functions similar to Wikipedia, Q&A, music, weather, application recommendations, local attractions, help in finding good doctors, and large related search sections.

Checking the SERP in Haosou proved to be a rich and colorful experience!

Haosou China search engine results

Track Chinese keywords on Sogou

According to reports, Sohu’s subsidiary Sogou received an estimated 54.4 million visits last month. Similar to Google’s Chrome, Sogou also has its own browser. When exploring Sogou, my impression is that it is a more academic-driven search engine, and in general I like its user experience. Their weather function provides more detailed information than Haosou. The three travel booking advertisements on the right side of the weather seem to imply that if you are not satisfied with the current weather, book a vacation!

When you add the Sogou search engine to your ranking tracking campaign, you can now support the top 50 domain results listed in Sogou search.

Ranking tracking Sogou China SERP

Check the ranking of Vietnam Coc Coc

After finishing my exploration of the new Asian search engine supported by Rank Ranger, I felt it necessary to use Google Translate to determine the meaning of Coc Coc in Vietnamese.Turns out this means Knock knockThe Associated Press reporter noticed an interesting choice. He talked about this startup in an article titled “Knock Knock, we are going to join Google!” in 2013.

The number of visits to Coc Coc last month is estimated to be 87.3 million. Considering that the population of Vietnam is about 93 million, while that of China is 1.378, Haosou has 81 million visits and Sogou has 54.4 million visits, which is impressive. . The first thing I noticed is the simplicity of their search tool, which is visually much less than other tools.

Check Coc Coc Vietnam's ranking in search engine results

Coc Coc has an interesting search function that can sell me ads for every keyword I search, but their ads seem to be mainly placed at the bottom of the search results page. They also provide a useful feature at the bottom of the SERP that allows you to quickly access to perform the same keyword search on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Google Bing and Yahoo's Coc Coc search function

Rank Ranger supports Coc Coc’s top 50 search engine results, including landing pages for tracking keywords.

SEO in Asia

Are you doing SEO in China or Vietnam? If so, we hope you find that adding Haosou, Sogou and Coc Coc search engines to Rank Ranger is beneficial to your business. Learn how to add search engines to ranking tracking activities. We are happy to receive your feedback in the comments or directly to the customer service department.

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