Apple Maps Rating: What’s new and what’s next?

Update: The Apple Maps Ratings update was released in the US as part of iOS 14.5 on April 26, 2021 (it is available earlier in some regions). In October 2020, the updated functions will be performed exactly as described below. Sometimes, when there are no surprises, it’s good, isn’t it?

Originally released in October 2020

By the end of August 2020, Apple revealed that it will launch its own rating solution in Apple Maps. The topic of “Apple reviews” has flooded the Twitterverse, and as usual, people have a lot of speculation about the meaning of the new feature.

Apple Maps score (yes, yes-score Is not The comments (although it may be in progress) have already been beta tested in iOS 14 and will soon be rolled out globally.Update is First discovered Courtesy of Twitter user Beau Giles.

source: 9to5mac

Currently, Apple Maps relies on review data from third-party solutions such as Yelp, Foursquare and Tripadvisor.

News of Apple ratings followed Apple Maps introduces many new features Back in February, including favorite locations and indoor maps.

Since there are so many voices around the announcement, we want to figure out the new feature, ask some potential questions and results, and explore what this new feature might mean for local SEO.


what’s new?

Apple Maps will soon have its own local ratings instead of relying on things like third-party review sites.

Removing the use of third-party review sites should give Apple and searchers more control. For now, if users want to browse more business reviews through Apple Maps, they will be instructed to download Yelp, Foursquare or Tripadvisor applications, but this does not bring the best user experience.

From what we can see, Apple Maps’ new rating system will look like Facebook recommendations, Allowing users to agree or disagree with the business.This is different from Google Map, Users can and encourage them to leave detailed comments.

Therefore, although both Apple and its users will benefit from greater autonomy, it can be said that searchers will have less data to make informed decisions-they will miss all the great content reviews provided, such as “huge” Beer garden!” or “Make sure to order vegetable dumplings”.

In other words, Apple Maps will use different rating categories. Therefore, users can be full of praise for all the products of the company, and can evaluate products and services individually.

In addition to the introduction of Apple Maps classification, Apple also provides users with the opportunity to upload their own photos. Similar to reviews, the photos on the app are currently extracted from Yelp and other third-party review sites. According to Apple, all uploaded photos will be manually checked by the team (more on this later).

Question Time!

The news of Apple’s ratings undoubtedly makes me have some questions, such as “What does Apple’s ratings mean for the future of the review economy?” and “This can help solve Map spam? ”

Read and indulge in self-Q&A, and learn what our ratings of Apple Maps might mean for the future of local SEO!

What does Apple Maps ratings mean for Yelp and other review sites?

In the past, Yelp has largely maintained contact with the local SEO field, thanks to its relationship with Apple Maps. After all, without Yelp review, you will limit how much information potential customers can get from you through Apple Maps.

In fact, local SEO experts (such as Cori Graft) remind people of the importance of Yelp because Integration with Apple Maps. (Yes, although Apple Maps may still be less popular than Google Maps, it’s worth remembering that Apple has made countless improvements to the software over the years, and many iPhone users will never switch from the default phone app to Naturally, it is an apple).

plus, According to Statista, Apple Maps gets 23.3 million unique users every month. Therefore, if Yelp disappears from the app, then this will be a huge impact.

So, does this mean that we will see less focus on Yelp’s local SEO when it has nothing to do with Apple Maps users?

Of course, some people are happy to see the back of it…

When will Apple Maps say goodbye to Yelp?

Although the Apple Maps scoring system may replace Yelp in the app, we do not yet know when the transition will occur.

Yelp reviews are unlikely to disappear from the app overnight, because Apple Maps currently relies on review sites to provide content to its users. Therefore, it will take some time for Apple Maps to say goodbye to Yelp.

This is the look of the current local business search on Apple Maps. You will see that a lot of data has been extracted from Yelp, including photos:

Yelp on Apple Map

In order to avoid sacrificing the amount of data that Maps currently relies on, I hope to see Yelp gradually fade from Apple Maps in the next year, but your guess may be as good as mine. (If you have any guesses, please feel free to Annotation This blog! )

How will Apple Maps encourage grading?

When we saw the back of Yelp in Apple Maps, this topic also raised a question, will Apple incentivize its Maps users to leave ratings? If Apple needs to fill in its ratings content before saying “see you later” to Yelp, then they will most likely need to encourage users to keep ratings on their own.

Although we don’t want any form of monetary or similar incentives, Apple Maps may introduce similar Google’s Local Guides Program, Seeing loyal users will be rewarded with badges and local privileges.

Will Apple Ratings Become Apple Reviews?

It’s still early, but this announcement makes me wonder, is Apple rating just the beginning? Will Apple Maps venture into comprehensive reviews like Google Maps?

In this iteration of Apple’s ratings, users seem to be able to agree or disagree in multiple categories (such as product and customer service).

But what’s certain is that searchers want to see more details, not just thumbs up or dislike thumbs up reactions-especially in light of Recent Covid-19 restrictions. Searchers want to know how restaurants, bars, and shops are following the guidelines, and reviews provide a good platform to discuss those more nuanced topics.

Similarly, we are still in the pre-release, but it may be that Apple Maps has launched a rating system that contains only a few selected categories and plans to expand it to provide searchers with more detailed answers in the future.

Is the picture really worth a thousand words?

Although users will not be able to leave written feedback and their ratings, Apple Maps introduced the option to upload photos. So, this begs the question, is a picture really worth a thousand words?

It can be said that if you can share a photo of your location, product and safety measures taken, there is actually no need for a written review.

Indeed, only time will tell users if they find that the thumbs up/thumbs down and photo combination is sufficient to make a purchase decision.

It is worth noting that Apple has stated that it will manually check all photos uploaded. This is very different from Google Maps, which automatically approves all photos (the photos can then be marked for deletion, but if left alone, they will be left as they are, which is annoying for many business owners). Although this method may help reduce map spam and irrelevant images, it is difficult to see its scalability.

Can Apple ratings reduce false reviews?

As the main difference between the review methods of Apple Maps and Google Maps, one thing that stands out is WHO Eligible to comment or rate.

Although Google Maps allows anyone to comment, Apple Maps only allows Apple to verify that users who have visited the relevant place leave a rating.

This can definitely be reached Reduce map spam In Apple Maps, Especially fake reviews, because users won’t be able to recommend businesses they haven’t actually visited.

However, so far, it is not clear what “checks” Apple will conduct to ensure that the remaining ratings are true.

Popular Take

As always, when similar things become popular in the local SEO community, we will turn to Twitter to explore the reactions of local search marketers.

Some people seem to think that the changes were made late in the game…

…And others just express their gratitude for the improved user experience provided by this solution:

Although Apple Maps is generally considered to be behind Google, the introduction of ratings still makes some people consider transaction loyalty:

Next step

There is still a lot of work to do before the Apple Maps rating is officially released. That is, you need to be prepared for when they will arrive.

Needless to say, but when Apple Maps ratings are released, you will want to make sure to use them. This means that you can use the iPhone, update to the latest iOS, and use the new map functions. Ask yourself: How fast is this process? How easy is it? What questions are asked to users?

As with reviews, it’s important to make sure you understand what the searcher will experience. In this way, when you ask your customers to leave a rating on Maps, you will know exactly what you want from them.

With this in mind, you also need to prepare any signs (online or offline) to encourage customers to leave ratings on Apple Maps. Just add a line like “Let us thumbs up on Apple Maps!” It should be done.

Obviously, we have discussed that Apple Maps ratings currently cannot provide written feedback, so please make sure that any signs or copies of your adaptations do not require customers to mention specific services or products as in Google reviews.

What does Apple Maps ratings mean for BrightLocal customers?

We are currently investigating whether and how to incorporate Apple Maps ratings into Our existing reputation manager products. So far, there is no information available for non-Apple users or to access this feature via API.

With Google reviews, business owners can share Google My Business Review Link Work with customers to guide them to leave feedback. However, no such matter has been announced for Apple Maps.

As always, we will closely monitor the situation and provide our customers with the latest information when possible.

Final thoughts

Although this change to Apple Maps is largely unlikely to threaten Google, which has the most users in the navigation application field, it is certainly worth considering how this change affects them and making adjustments accordingly. Preparation.

At least while we see how scoring works, it would be a wise choice to shift the focus from Yelp to Apple Maps.

What do you think of the photos and ratings introduced in Apple Maps? Will it change the way you handle online comments?Share your thoughts below Annotation the following!

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