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ANA, Joby Partner to Bring Aerial Ridesharing to Japan


One week after announcing a partnership with SK Telecom to bring aerial ridesharing services to South Korea, California-based Joby Aviation has partnered with airline ANA to bring the service to cities across Japan, the companies announced Tuesday.

Joby is developing an all-electric five-seat aircraft that can take off and land vertically, with a maximum range of 150 miles per single charge, a top speed of 200 miles per hour and a low noise profile. The companies noted that using the service from Kansai International Airport to Osaka station could take less than 15 minutes as opposed to one hour by car.

ANA and Joby plan to collaborate on infrastructure development, pilot training, flight operations, public acceptance and regulatory requirements. They are also considering the integration of ground transportation, with Toyota Motor Corp. supporting that effort, according to the companies. Toyota has partnered with Joby since 2019 and has invested nearly $ 400 million in the company.

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