Afiya Addison’s brand adaptability

As marketers, one of our main tasks is to help people and encourage positive change. To do this, we need to make sure that the content we create is both useful and valuable.

That is Afiya Addison Take a day to do it: make sure that marketers can create more value.As part of B2B Institute (LinkedIn’s only think tank), she works with academics and senior leaders to create content that encourages debate.

In this issue of Marketing Smarts, Afiya shared what she saw from a brand perspective and her experience in adapting and prospering brands.

We are talking about thought leadership, what it means from a personal and brand perspective, and the problems that B2B marketers are trying to solve.

Currently, Afiya is…

Two things successful brands are doing: excessive communication (Amazon) and building a community (Peleton).

In Afiya’s words, “Peleton absolutely crushed it!” There is a community around it. It makes a product that is easy to use, easy to access, convenient, and easy to root and root for others. This is the right that all of us want from the community, right?

Highlights of this episode:

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