9 signs that your business needs a new website as soon as possible

One of the most common questions we hear from large and small businesses is: “How do I know if my business needs a new website?”

This is a critical issue because your website is the digital face of your business and can be one of your best sources for more leads and sales. At Mannix Marketing, we look at a variety of factors to help determine whether or not a company needs a website redesign, and we’ve listed our seven key brands below!

It is probably time to redesign your website if…

There are many signs that your business may need to redesign your website, and some of them are more important than others. Our digital marketing strategies consider the following to be some of the most important factors.

1. Loading your website takes forever

Page loading speed is everything. No one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load. If your website is slow, buyers are more likely to lose interest in your business, move back to search results, and go to a competitor’s website. But it’s not just users who see page speed – Google does. And if your website is slow, it can drastically affect your ranking in Google search results.

Google began using site speed in algorithms as a leaderboard signal in 2010. In 2018, Google again doubled the importance of page speed, starting to use mobile page speed as a ranking in its mobile search results. And recently in the year May 2020, Google announced that sometime in 2021, a new update will be released that will evaluate web pages based on page experience. The experience of using the site includes several factors, including mobile friendliness, HTTPS security, and page speed.

The page speed of this website can be used to help …

In the upcoming 2021 update, Google’s Vitals web will look for websites that do this The largest meaningful color (LCP) appears within 2.5 seconds and The first input delay (FID) is less than 100 milliseconds. You can manage your website Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights to see if the page speed of your website is noticed. If this is not the case, you should seriously consider redesigning your website before releasing the 2021 update.

2. Your website is not accessible

We have written several blogs about the importance of making your website WCAG accessible. An “accessible” website simply means that your website is coded to be readable by screen readers and for use by people with various disabilities. You can read about the specifics of accessibility guidelines on more recent websites by reading WCAG 2.1 Guidelines for the Global Web Consortium.

In addition to making the WCAG accessible website more accessible to people with disabilities, it may also prevent you from suing your company. Since the significant lawsuit in 2017, there has been an increasing number of lawsuits in which companies can sue under the United States Disability Act because their websites do not meet the extensive access requirements of the WCAG. Defending against these lawsuits can be quite costly.

If you are not sure whether your website is accessible or not, Webaim is a good place to start. While not all ADA compliance issues are guaranteed to be covered, this free tool gives you an initial starting point for your website. You must perform a functional test with users to thoroughly verify ADA. Our team of programmers will be here to help you review your website’s accessibility!

3. Your website is not optimized for mobile devices (sensitive)

Smartphones won’t go away any time soon. In fact, many people are spending more and more time online using their smartphones.

That’s why businesses need a website that works great on any device. Our suggested solution is called a sensitive website. A sensitive website is a website that is easy to use on desktops, tablets, and smartphones because the content of the site automatically adjusts to fit on a large and small screen. Creating a “responsive” website is a standard part of Mannix Marketing’s website design process.

Mannix Marketing - Eddy Senior Living Communities Website Design- Summit Creative Award Winner
The award-winning Eddy Senior Living Communities website is built with a responsive design to provide a user-friendly experience on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

4. The collision rate is in the sky

Your website bounce rate (which you can find in your Google Analytics reports) is the percentage of visitors who reach your website and then leave without viewing any other pages on the site.

A a rebound rate in the range of 40-50% is generally considered to be a good rebound rate, because it shows that 50-60% of people who land on your website stay around and dive deeper into your site. The criteria for determining a good bounce rate include a number of factors (such as your homepage versus blog post), and one of our goals in redesigning your website is to help reduce bounce rates.

5. You do not receive enough inquiries or calls

Have you noticed that your phones have ringed less? Do you see a decrease in sales, inquiries, or forms on your website?

Even if your website gets a lot of traffic, your website can have a problem if you don’t see sales leads or steady sales converting visitors into sales leads, visitors, or customers. As part of the website redesign process, we aim to help improve conversions for your website.

Not tracking conversions for your website? This is a problem in itself. All Mannix Marketing websites are built with conversion tracking in mind, so you can track exactly how many website sales leads you get and where they come from.

6. Your brand has outgrown your existing design

Has your company trademarked since your last website redesign? Did you get a new logo or color palette?

Your website sends a clear message to potential customers about your brand identity and personality. Make sure bad (or just outdated) designs don’t steal your brand identity.

7. Simple website changes become too expensive

Gone are the days when you needed programming or advanced HTML skills to add a new page to your website. Content management systems make it easier for almost anyone who can manage a website and add new pages, text copies, and photos to their website.

At Mannix Marketing, we build websites for companies WordPress content management system, which allows business owners, marketers, and employees to quickly and easily add new pages, photos, text copies, and videos to their website.

An example of a WordPress content management system
Example of adding a new page to a website using the WordPress content management system

8. You won’t be found in Google’s search results

Yes! That’s great. If your website is not at the top of the organic (unpaid) search results above the important keywords that potential customers enter to find your products or services on the web, you may lose traffic, leads, and maybe even sales.

It takes a lot to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but even the key SEO components of your website can significantly change your rankings in search engines and help bring more searchers to your site.

9. It has been 5+ years since your last website redesigned

For most companies, we usually recommend redesigning the website every 4-6 years. Web design trends come and go, but many deep and long-lasting developments can be reached in just a few years.

For example, the “sliders” (aka slide shows) of the home page were once fashionable. Companies then discovered that uploading a series of large images to a website could result in a slower loading speed of the website and negatively impact the user experience. Not surprisingly, this led many companies to look alternatives to website sliders (slideshows).

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Editor’s note: This content was originally published in 2017, but has been updated since October 2020.

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