7 Key Tips for Optimizing Email Marketing on the Eve of the Holidays

It’s the time of year again. As the holiday season approaches rapidly, nights begin to approach, temperatures begin to drop, and retailers work diligently to find a winning strategy to attract customers into their sales streams.

Winter is an extremely busy time for online retailers as companies step up their efforts to attract customers on the eve of Christmas.

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In fact, in the US, the busiest five days in a calendar year for email merchants all fall between Thanksgiving and mid-December. It’s a busy schedule, so it’s vital that there is a plan to make the most of your email marketing efforts.

Although marketing has developed rapidly in the 21st century, email marketing it has proven time and time again that it is going nowhere when it comes to optimizing the sales funnel.

Marketing channels

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In fact, despite the rise of increasingly advanced technology, only social media marketing is ranked higher in the minds of marketers when it comes to campaign effectiveness.

This means that your email marketing should be fully optimized as we enter the holiday season. However, if you feel like you’re not quite ready to get into a battle with competitors to hear your voice and boost sales at a tumultuous festive market, don’t worry. Here is a compilation of seven key tips for achieving good campaigns for a competitive landscape:

Adjust your subject lines to solemn frivolity

If there’s one thing you can be sure of during the festive period, it’s that your marketing email will have a lot of company in the recipients ’mailboxes.

You need to exercise creativity with lines of email subjects and use some seasonal triggers to stand out from the inbox. Whether your creative array extends to festive word games, themed keywords, or just a little alliteration, these subtle enhancements to your visibility can help you stand out from the crowd and build more engagement.

One of the most effective ways to highlight is to include some themed emojis in your theme. This can be a great attention-grabbing technique that can appear sticky to your business at any other time of the year – but as it’s a time of festive cheering, it should persuade your customers.

Furthermore, emojis have been shown to be effective when it comes to email opening rates, s Mailjet finding that 63% of email subscribers in the UK were more likely to open an email with emoji thumbnails in the title.

Above, Fascinate has created a collection of engaging seasonal email campaigns based on emojis. As we can see, the cheerful attitude is complemented by emojis in a way that adds color and frivolity to the incoming mail.

Use audience segmentation wisely

Sending targeted and personalized formal email can have significantly higher engagement rates than generic bulk email. Contact segmentation is by far the most effective way to tailor your messages to your customers ’specific interests and shopping habits.

There are many ways in which segmentation can be performed. One of the most effective options is to categorize the audience interests based on the types of products they purchased or the sections of your site they reviewed.

It is also possible to segment your subscribers to year-round and seasonal customer groups. Customers who are more active during the holiday season and less active throughout the year require different approaches to your loyal daily customers – especially when it comes to frequency of sending and tracking.

Segment subscribers into those who want to take advantage of it more often coupons can help you develop tailor-made campaigns suitable for your customers who value more. This segment can be particularly helpful in avoiding offering discounted products to loyal customers who are likely willing to buy at full price.

Above, Sendinblue points out how Airbnb segmented the audience based on their browsing habits to offer locations that might be more interested in visiting.

There are many tools available that can give you insight and the ability to effectively segment your subscribers Google Analytics and Kissmetrics among market leaders.

Set up exclusive holiday offers

To help customers get into the holiday spirit, it’s worth creating holiday offers that go along with festive themes. Most of the year, your email addresses look the same, so this is really an opportunity to create new looks and make attractive deals.

Change your approach and make some holiday-themed offers with some suitable templates. According to OptinMonster, one client, Cloudways, achieved a 120 percent increase in free trial registrations by creating a holiday marketing campaign equipped with an appropriate offer.

Holiday-themed offerings help develop a natural sense of urgency in your subscribers. The natural time constraints for building a campaign that suits a particular holiday or holiday period gives customers a clear understanding of how long they have to act according to their interests.

Be sure to optimize for mobile devices

Did you know that TechCrunch recently announced that Cyber ​​sales on Monday exceeded nearly $ 8 billion? Significantly, $ 2.2 billion of this figure came from sales on smart devices.

With this in mind, it’s important to create email marketing campaigns that take into account the fact that users will be browsing their smartphones. If your email isn’t mobile-friendly during the holidays, your business risks losing out on a significant portion of your market.

To ensure that your campaigns are emailed can be viewed by readers wherever you choose to access your inbox, it is important to integrate a responsive design that can be adapted to all screen sizes. The customizable design relies on media queries to tailor your email addresses to mobile devices. Media queries can crop the design of your email and hide text on your mobile device while scaling images to fit a variety of screen sizes among many other useful applications.

Always test your email

No matter what campaign you create, there is always time for A / B testing. As a reseller, it is vital to understand which products and services work best in increasing conversions for subscribers.

It is never an inconvenient time to test a product on the eve of the winter festive period. Even if you’re in mid-June, it would be helpful to run some campaigns to see what generates more interest early on. This can give you a credible idea of ​​what subscribers are looking for and where conversions are most likely to take place.

Split tests and A / B tests can help you identify possible mistakes and shortcomings before a busy season, giving you plenty of time to act ahead.

Again, Google Analytics can be a great way to measure the performance of your test campaigns. The platform can provide a comprehensive insight into exactly where your visitors are coming from and how willing they are to convert according to their interests. Platforms like Finality can be useful for visualizing the quality of incoming traffic.

Traffic quality

The tool automatically identifies traffic quality, for example, “Clear Traffic”, “Spam”, “Cookie Manipulation” and more.

Entice customers with seasonal free services

Everyone loves a free free ticket, especially during the festive period. Christmas is special a great time to build brand loyalty with gifts and free goods.

While some free users may encounter skepticism at different times of the year, holidays that give away like Christmas can really do wonders in creating a more receptive audience for offers.

In addition, how many competitors will you fight to win the interest of your customers, a free prize draw, competition or giveaway can do wonders driving more traffic to your website. With an enticing array of offers and calls for action, significant earnings could be offered for brave enough brands to provide valuable products or services for free.

Create an intuitive email schedule

To get the most out of lucrative holidays, it’s important to get started planning marketing campaigns via email in advance, leaving nothing to chance.

Since the advent of Covid-19, the digital marketing landscape has gone too far as companies try to adapt to a whole new world teleworking and self-isolation. Some merchants may try to get into the chaos of festive email campaigns early, but the best approach is to develop an email sending schedule with confidence.

It’s important to resist the temptation to bombard customers with email, as this could lead to fatigue in your campaign, and sending too early can risk subscribers ignoring your content.

Use your analytics accordingly and schedule an email be sent at a time that you feel is most appropriate for your particular audience. With the right combination of interesting content, attractive offers and proven formulas, you are likely to win the attention and trust of your subscribers.

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