7 customized analysis reports Hello

These seven customizable reports allow you to analyze traffic and conversion rates by the hour.

Analysis is the basis of successful marketing. As Stuart McDonald said:

“Monitoring marketing is a cultural thing. Whether tracking is important or not. You are in one camp or another. Whether you are analytical and data-driven, or you go past what you think works. People bypassing the gut are wrong. “

With so many different measurement methods, it can be easy to overcome. That’s why we’ve put together report templates so that all the hard work has already been done, leaving more room for important things: analysis.

We’ve covered you with not just one, but seven reports. Each of them is customizable in Google Analytics.

  1. Hourly traffic report
  2. Day of the week report
  3. Hourly conversion rate report
  4. Day of the week conversion report
  5. Hourly and daily traffic report
  6. Hourly and daily conversion report
  7. Monthly conversion rate report

You can find all these reports by clicking the button Customization and then selecting Custom reports.

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