5 SEO success stories to inspire your 2021 strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be a simple concept.

You choose keywords related to your business, and use these keywords to create content, and then you start to observe the growth of your website. This is a simple three-step process, right? Do not.

Although these are the basic elements of SEO, creating an SEO can actually be very challenging strategy Can help you attract traffic and meet your overall business goals.

It may be difficult to gain a foothold. Fortunately, there are various specially designed tools that can help you with SEO, establish domain authority and achieve a high return on investment.In this article, we will hear inspiring stories from HubSpot customers used Our SEO tools Achieve business success.

5 SEO success stories to inspire your 2021 strategy

1. Iron paper

Iron paper It is a digital marketing agency that can help its B2B customers develop. They worked with one of their clients, Goddard, A major success Use HubSpot’s SEO tools.

Ironpaper CEO and founder Jonathan Franchell said: “Although Goddard has met the real needs of customers by designing medical equipment, historically, they have been struggling to find high-quality potential customers who can use their services. On the contrary, their The site attracts a lot of spam and unqualified contacts.” Ironpaper began to use the HubSpot tool on Goddard’s website for important SEO updates, focusing on internal links, content strategies with business-related keywords, and technical SEO issues, such as Broken links and meta tags.

During the eight-month event, Ironpaper helped Goddard obtain 2,361 Google positions in various keywords related to their products. Franchell said: “Because we have created targeted content centered on strategic keywords, Goddard’s Google rankings have improved even when clicks have fallen.”

The company is now also ranked in the top 100 with 50 strategically targeted terms, and can use HubSpot’s insight reports and dashboards to monitor its progress to ensure that their future marketing efforts are superior to the hard-working audience. Targeted.

2. Apptega

Apptega It is a network security and compliance platform. As the business grew, they knew they needed an optimized website to generate potential customers. They also realize that their existing WordPress site is not enough to achieve their goals.

Joelle Palmer, Apptega’s digital marketing manager, said: “We have built Frankenstein monsters in WordPress. Our development team will have to constantly abandon what they are doing and fix our website.” Subsequently, Apptega decided to make its existing The site is migrated to the CMS Hub.

Apitega Saw Almost immediate success With the help of HubSpot’s SEO tools: “We saw one of our core pages rise from a ranking of 100+ on Google to third in two weeks. SEO usually takes three to six months of work…for us as a family As far as the company is concerned, the experience is truly amazing.”

Some of the tools used by Apptega in the marketing center can achieve its growth. This is the SEO recommendations on the page. These recommendations can lead users to pages that need attention and other ways to optimize content.

3. Beacon Digital Marketing

Beacon Digital Marketing is dedicated to bringing performance to FinTech, SaaS and B2B businesses.

As HubSpot Platinum Partners, they understand how to use and implement HubSpot tools to drive growth and success.Although they usually assist other businesses, they conducted an internal inspection in August 2020 and decided to implement a SEO overhaul They think their blog can run better than it is now.

They focused on some key areas of improvement: updating metadata, optimizing for featured snippets, and repositioning original keywords. The HubSpot content mapping tool helped them create a strategic pillar cluster plan, and the SEO recommendations on the page provided them with useful tips. After implementing the new strategy, they noticed a 50% increase in page views almost immediately: In July 2020, 991 views of organic search traffic were displayed, and in August 2020, 1,552 were displayed.

Their optimization allows them to attract more traffic to existing blog posts, and they see an increase in organic visits to other pages on the site. This shows that a sound SEO strategy can affect all areas of your business, because the increase in traffic will cause curious customers to be eager to learn more about the products you offer.

4. Attention

Take Note is a British company that provides a series of audio and video transcription services, subtitles and live notes. When the demand for the business grows, they strive to balance various disjointed tools to support their needs and achieve sustained growth. Thomas Carter, Director of Marketing at Take Note, said: “For us, SEO is a way to grow in such a competitive market.”

The business officially logged into HubSpot in 2018, and its website visits have increased since then twenty two%. At the same time, their customer base and revenue increased by 16-22%. They also saw an increase in potential customers. Carter added: “In the long run, we want to continue to focus on ensuring that our service quality remains exceptionally high, while using technologies like HubSpot to automate and optimize in the background.”

5. Tax River

Tax river Is a digital sales and marketing agency that can help companies scale up and increase competitiveness in their industry. One of their customers, Kofinas Fertility Group, saw that their website traffic was significantly affected by COVID-19. Eric Pratt, the managing partner of Revenue River, said: “The site lasted from mid-February to May.”

The company started work and conducted competitive analysis and keyword research to identify areas of growth opportunities. They believe that the best measure is to create pillar content and supporting content clusters, which will help them establish their field as a source of industry authority.

Since the implementation of the new strategy in November 2020, the site’s organic traffic has almost doubled. They received 86,000 impressions between March and June 2020, and 1.1 million impressions between January and March 2021.

Pratt said that this success “is so because of the combination of SEO strategic planning for research, topic clustering and site/page optimization features to enrich the SEO appeal of the content we produce and publish through HubSpot. “

Improving your SEO is not necessarily a challenge.

The success stories we highlighted in this article show that SEO is not necessarily a challenge, especially with the help of powerful SEO tools. Learn from these customers and develop a strategy that suits your business.

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