4th quarter, 2020 – 2020 results and what lies ahead

Note: This is a quarterly update sent to the shareholders of the buffer with some information added for the context. We distribute these updates transparently as part of our website transparency by default value. See all our revenue in your audience revenue control panel and see all our reports and updates here.

We have grown defiantly from a year that proved our resilience and gave new optimism to 2021.

We spent much of the last quarter of 2020 building on inspiration from the adaptability and strength of our clients’ stories. We saw countless companies quickly go to telecommuting, the development of work that we always thought would ever come. We thought carefully about our goal and asked how we could appear to our customers to help them expand their positive impact over the next decade and grow their brands and businesses. We called the company first Product manager join Buffer’s operations team and we are committed to refining the company’s goal, vision and mission. We created strong OKRs at the company level and set ambitious goals for 2021 and beyond.

For a further thought on 2020, see this overview Buffer in 2020 figures.

With January behind us, we already understand the exponential impact of optimism, flexibility and a coherent leadership team in pursuing the common, ambitious goals of the entire team. We are moving faster and raising our bar to support small businesses. We are committed to courage, adding value to the essential tools we offer, while maintaining a strong foundation of buffer values ​​and integrity.

This year already seems so different.

We just launched New buffer tool as the latest feature in our stack of brand building tools and in response saw the most daily test launches we’ve seen in a while.

Together with the Buffer Engagement Tool, we focus on creating added value for our customers, improving accessibility, and providing greater opportunities for active engagement by leaps and bounds. We are too hiring several roles this year.

We look forward to 2021. Let’s look at our outlook for the third quarter and the end of the year.

Financial results from the 4th quarter of 2020

4th quarter 2020:

  • Total operating income: $ 400,471
  • EBITDA margin: 7.69%
  • MRR: $ 1,760,653

End of 2020:

  • Net income: $ 21,080,452
  • Revenue growth of 2.30% in the same period of the previous year
  • Operating income: $ 3,318,234
  • EBITDA margin: 15.74%
  • MRR: $ 1,760,653 (slightly less than $ 1,761,962 at the end of Q3)
  • ARR: $ 21,127,836
  • ARR growth rate: -4.8%


What else would you like to see?

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