3 ways to earn (or even more) money via email

Learn how to turn email into a source of income.

Expanding your audience is one of the most exciting and engaging things you can do online. Through a variety of different channels (including email), you can provide value to like-minded people around the world. As a reward, you also have the opportunity to earn income from your audience.

Whether by selling goods or services, providing sponsored content, or hosting ads on your website, there are many different ways to monetize your online presence. Your email list is no exception! Generating revenue from your email is very similar to other methods available online, but with some minor adjustments. (If you don’t collect emails, Now is a good time to start doing this!)

This blog post guides you through three different ways to start making money from your email marketing efforts. We deliberately omit selling goods and services from this list to highlight simple actions you can take right away to get started right away-if you have goods or services to sell, then you should obviously use an email marketing program to do this !

Please note: These exports depend largely on the email service provider (ESP) you use. Before merging any of these options, always check ESP’s terms of service.

3 ways your email can generate revenue without direct sales:

  1. Become a member (and use the member-friendly ESP).

    The membership program aims to reward participants who recommend their products or services. Essentially, if you know what you use and love and share this love with your audience, then you can be rewarded based on the number of people who sign up (whether financially or in supplementary projects).

    Search for the products, goods and services you frequently use to see if there is a membership plan, discount code or referral link. Incorporate them into your email or link them to your template to get rewards or generate additional income in a simple way.

    Then, start telling your audience and send timely reminders via email! Please note that certain membership programs and certain ESPs have strict regulations on membership marketing.We strongly recommend Check before sending Ensure that you fully comply with the membership program and ESP terms of service.

    At FeedBlitz, we do not restrict your emails related to the membership program. As long as you comply with the policies of the individual membership program, you can send as many emails as you need, including affiliate links.

  2. Insert the advertisement into the email you send.

    If you have already placed an ad on your website, why not in your email? Both your website and email provide coveted spaces, your audience can see them, and they are both revenue-generating opportunities.

    When inserting ads in your emails, there are two main categories:

    1. Sell the space in your email and insert the advertisement manually according to the obtained agreement.
    2. Advertisements that are automatically inserted into your emails through integration with online advertising services.

    Either option is a viable way to get revenue from emails and not sell directly to the audience.

    FeedBlitz provides a one-click advertising program that can automatically insert advertisements into your emails, and you can determine where the advertisements are displayed. Our customers usually see that based on the US readership, the advertising revenue per thousand opened is between $ 2 to $ 3 (USD), depending on the real-time advertising market and available advertising resources. If you often send emails to a large number of readers, this can help offset your email marketing costs or use it for another job.

    If you are monetizing your website by displaying ads, but don’t think about emails, then you are likely to leave your money on the table.

    Highlighted Box: Would you like to learn more about FeedBlitz’s one-click advertising program? Quick and easy, all ads are G-rated. (We work directly with advertising companies to ensure that any political or inappropriate ads are quickly removed from the inventory.) View our profit plan or Enable ads in your account.

  3. Register your ESP membership plan.

    An email service provider is a service like other services. Many services offer their own membership plans to reward customers who introduce them to friends and the Internet. With some ESPs, you may register automatically, while with other ESPs, you may need to register manually to start using.

    FeedBlitz provides a powerful membership program, which is now applicable to all customers, with no caps or restrictions. Members will receive a monthly revenue share if the referrer’s account maintains a good reputation. Affiliate marketing plan is based on 2 tiers and is a good choice for you to generate another source of additional income when mailing lists.Detailed information about the plan and detailed information about the level of reimbursement, outlining Here.

Cultivate your audience to increase income.

The options provided above largely depend on your current sending habits (i.e. frequency and Opening price) And your relationship with your audience. With the least settings and the least continuous effort, the active audience who regularly gets your emails can make the most profit.

Regardless of whether you choose to monetize through email, we strongly recommend that you give priority to sending high-quality email content to bring value to readers. This not only establishes a foundation of trust, but also leads to an increase in openness. Whether it is direct sales or indirect sales, both are ideal when it comes to online revenue.

Are you ready to start making money via email?Learn more about Our free trial And contact us Support page Contact us via email, chat or even phone. The East will provide real-time support from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

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