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The Unvaccinated Will Die, Sileri’s Prophecy Is Creepy – Time


Giorgia Peretti

A Pierpaolo Sileric tranchant is a guest in the Wednesday 21 July episode of “In Onda”. The evening study program of la 7, conducted by uitgevoerd Concita De Gregorio e David Parenzo he asked the State Secretary for Health on the eve of the Council of Ministers about the green pass and revision of the parameters for coloring the regions. sileric he says: “As an alternative to closures, the parameters should be changed because it is obvious. If young people are infected and do not lead to an increase in hospital admissions, this means that those infections are no longer the same as 7 months ago. Not because the virus is different and less strong, but because the population has been vaccinated.”

Those who do not have themselves vaccinated will reimburse the hospital.  The scientist's delirium

“We too, as in Britain, will have an increasing number of deaths – announces the undersecretary – The parameters must be changed. An area can turn yellow and orange even in summer”. The hypothesis of the “proportional and gradual “green pass based on the progress of the pandemic seems convincing sileric. And precisely on the vaccination passport proposed by Confindustria, according to which those who have not undergone the vaccination cannot perform collective work, sileric he is silent: “We have 50% of the population vaccinated with the double dose, population to be vaccinated, I’m afraid this percentage will go up a little more, but it’s hard with all this miscommunication and vaccine problems we can get the” 80/85% expected Something will have to happen, I don’t see the obligation as a means but if we stay at 50% something will have to happen.”

A communications work assumes that the Secretary of State for Health “instead of saying vaccinate to achieve community protection, we should say vaccinate for yourself”. Then he warns: “Today only those, or especially those who are not vaccinated go to the intensive care unit – then he warns – Those who will die in the next wave that we would have with this virus, which will be mostly endemic, will have the not vaccinated, so vaccinate for yourself”.



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