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Sperm collected from critical covid patient after court grants woman’s plea


The court had requested the hospital to carry out the procedure as soon as possible. (representative)


A hospital in Vadodara said on Wednesday it has successfully collected semen from a COVID-19 patient who is alive, as directed by the Gujarat High Court in response to a petition from his wife.

The court had asked the hospital on Tuesday evening to carry out the procedure as soon as possible.

The man’s wife had moved the court and said she wanted his child through an IVF/ART procedure, but he was unable to consent. According to doctors, his chances of survival were slim, the plea said.

Anil Nambiar, zonal director of Sterling Hospitals where the patient has been admitted, told media on Wednesday that doctors successfully collected sperm from the patient on Tuesday evening, within hours of receiving the court’s order.

Judge Ashutosh J Shastri had urgently heard the woman and ordered the hospital to collect the man’s semen and store it properly.

“The patient’s family decided to perform the procedure. But we needed the consent of the person on whom the process is to be performed. Since he is critical and cannot give his consent, we can only do this if the court allows.” said Mr Nambiar.

The collection procedure will take up to half an hour, he said, adding that the IVF procedure will be carried out after the court allows it.

The man’s wife moved the court after the hospital demanded a court order to collect sperm, her lawyer Nilay Patel said.

The Supreme Court noted in the injunction on Tuesday that “injunctive relief will be granted in an extremely urgent situation” and “subject to the outcome of the petition”. The judge also asked the government lawyer to immediately forward the order to the hospital.

The court notified the state government and the director of the hospital on July 23, the next court date, of the woman’s request for permission for the IVF/ART procedure.

The petition said the patient suffered from multi-organ failure.

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