Home Sports NHL Seattle Expansion Draft: Brandon Tanev officially taken from the Penguins

NHL Seattle Expansion Draft: Brandon Tanev officially taken from the Penguins


What was rumored happened Wednesday night at the NHL’s Seattle expansion draft when the Kraken used their pick from the Pittsburgh Penguins to pick out Brandon Tanev.

It was a somewhat surprising move on the surface, especially since Seattle did not take that many forward with long contracts and / or strong wage ceilings. An exception they made was for Tanev, who has had two solid and eventful seasons in Pittsburgh.

Tanev’s loss will be a blow to the pens, but they all have out-of-season tackles. Free agency begins a week from today and the trading market will reopen tomorrow afternoon. While Tanev leaves a hole in the depths map of Pittsburgh, he also takes with him his annual salary increase of $ 3.5 million. It provides a valuable chance for the pens to reshape their team with a new or two new players as they hope to enclose their core players with a chance to get another deep endgame.

Get well with the long-haired savage who was always ready to remind the opposition of their status. The last two seasons of Pens’ hockey have generally been pretty tough between constant injuries, a worldwide pandemic and early playoff losses, but Tanev’s play and personality was a great injection of color and fun with him in the picture. Good luck to him in Seattle for the next chapter of his career, he has carved out a lovely little niche as a cult favorite that will linger in the years to come.


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