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LinkedIn adds new, free certification courses to help you present your LinkedIn marketing skills


In addition to the increasingly demanding digital marketing skills, LinkedIn has launched two new, free LinkedIn marketing certification courses, which allow you to learn more about LinkedIn’s advertising tools and options, and also gain official certification, which you can then display on your LinkedIn profile.

I mean, it’s not the most striking certificate and probably most people won’t laminate a PDF (which you can download) or frame it on their wall. But it provides another way to show off your knowledge of LinkedIn advertising tools, which could help you stay ahead of your professional competition.

As mentioned, LinkedIn offers two certifications to demonstrate your expertise on the platform:

  • Basis verification (basic): Demonstrates expertise in launching LinkedIn ad campaigns and tactics. With this certificate, you can run successful campaigns with LinkedIn ads that lead to business results.
  • Marketing strategy certification (intermediate): Demonstrates expertise in leveraging LinkedIn ads for full-blown strategies, including brand awareness and generating leads. Once you get certified, you can create marketing strategies that use a number of LinkedIn marketing tools.

The process of acquiring your certificate involves first learning about LinkedIn advertising products through a series of courses available on the LinkedIn Certificates page.

Certified for LinkedIn

After going through each module – or if you are sure you know all the key details – you can take the appropriate certification exam in which you will have 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple choice questions in LinkedIn advertising tools and processes.

You can repeat the test up to 3 times and the certificate expires in 2 years. Even though you have 60 minutes, if you know your stuff, you can do it in significantly less time than that.

If you pass the test, you can follow the steps to add a certificate to your LinkedIn profile, highlighting your knowledge of LinkedIn ads to visitors.

Certified for LinkedIn

The test questions themselves are a bit of a mixed bag, at least in the ‘Basics’ test, with some clearly indicating the correct answer among the options, while others requiring a good level of knowledge of the LinkedIn ad system.

But the process is free and you have three shots on it – and at least, even if you never pass the final test, you’ll eventually learn a lot more about how LinkedIn ads work and how to build your campaigns on the platform.

And as we mentioned, as eCommerce and digital marketing have become an increasing focus over the past year, it might be worth improving your skills and gaining official accreditation to help increase your future prospects.

Or you can do it just to get tested and do you really know about LinkedIn marketing the way you think.

Here you can learn more about the new LinkedIn certification courses, which will also link you to information about the course, hosted by Skilljar.


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