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Italy Green Pass, Yellow Zone and State of Emergency: Regions ‘Wall’


There is still no phone call, neither from the control room nor from the Council of Ministers. And during the state-regions conference, the pandemic theme – with everything that follows from it in terms of new parameters to define the colors of the regions, green pass, extension of the state of emergency – was removed: it will be addressed yes, but only today. To extend the times, the “wall” of the regions, as well as the internal fibrillations of the majority troops. With the discontent that animates the League, especially over the prolonged extension of the state of emergency and the green pass, with the leader Matteo Salvini taking the side of the governors: “life cannot be limited to 30 million Italians”.

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The regions ask that the parameters for announcing the transition from the white to the yellow zone, with all the limitations of the case, provide for 30% of beds in hospitals and 20% in intensive care. But above all they ask that in the white zone the green pass is only used at major sports and entertainment events, discotheques, trade fairs and conferences. In summary, use the green certificate to allow the resumption of activities that are not allowed until today.

But the government – with Prime Minister Mario Draghi in charge and with the exception of the League – is demanding more to stop the virus, which has become scared again thanks to the Delta variant. The activities are divided into three levels: the essential services for which no green pass is required, the services that provide a ‘light’ version – i.e. a single dose with an already fixed and closing date for the second – and finally the list of activities for which the green certificate must certify full vaccination.

The distance with the Regions is palpable, difficult to shorten. For bars and restaurants, for example, the government wants to introduce the green pass, if only for the tables inside and even with a single dose, leaving free drinks at the counter or outside the restaurant. And this also in the white zone: an attitude that raises the front of the governors.

And then there are the stages, from now until September, which the government wants to indicate to make the use of the green declaration more strict, thanks to both the return to school and the return of the August holidays. And that in recent hours, according to government sources, he would not have ruled out the obligation of a green certificate on public transport from mid-September. Another difficult knot to unravel, in which the confrontation has been so tight in these hours that it has led to postponement, just like at school: the decision about bus and metro must be taken later and not in this decree.

Today, barring a new but unlikely postponement, the expected control room with Draghi, then a new confrontation with the Regions, ie the Council of Ministers, which will have to approve the new decree. The new date of the state of emergency is also put in black and white, probably – but at the moment there is no certainty yet – 31 December. To explain the reasons that have moved the government will most likely be Draghi himself, who should return to speak at the press conference at the end of a day that promises to be long and complicated.


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