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Italy green pass, mandatory for restaurants, travel and sports: deadlock in government


Rome, 21 July 2021 – There is no agreement yet on the rules for the green pass italiano, a question that has been open for days between the government and the Regions and which finds no synthesis in the majority. In the evening she spoke in an interview Maria Stella Gelmini, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy: “I am confident that a agreement not only within the majority, but also with the regions with which we are now in dialogue. The green pass is used to achieve two results: on the one hand encourage vaccinations, and on the other side avoid possible new closures. On the other hand, the Delta variant is very contagious, and should be monitored.”

Vaccine, just one dose is enough for those who have recovered from Covid

Covid Italia, the July 21st bulletin

Debate over new Covid decree is still open even within government, but decision should come in next Cabinet, an appointment scheduled for tomorrow although has not yet been officially confirmed and what was planned for today has already been postponed. The provision will prevent the renewal of the state of emergency, which will probably arrive until the end of the year, the new criteria for the decision on “colors” of the zones (white, yellow, orange, red) attributable to the Regions and thus the rules foruso del green pass on the national territory.

Upright green certificate there are great difficulties in finding an agreement within the majority, but also in convincing the Regions, who would like tosoft application. The regional presidents, meeting this morning, want to limit its use to activities hitherto prohibited or restricted, such as major sporting and entertainment events, discos, trade shows and conventions. A position considered “balanced” by the League leader Matteo Salvinic, which instead says a firm “no” to more elaborate hypotheses, for example for bars and restaurants. “Excluding 30 million Italians from social life, absolutely not,” he repeated today.

However, the Prime Minister said Mario Draghi looks forward to moving forward. To use the green pass, according to what has been learned from government sources, they must be identified three categories number of Ateco codes: one for i Essential services (accessible without certification); one true one “light” passie with a single dose; and one where the completion of the vaccination cycle. For example, under the application hypotheses made, there would be no provision for drinks obligations at bar counter while the green pass (at least initially with a dose) would be needed for the table service indoors, even in restaurants. The “full” certificate, on the other hand, will certainly be required for big events like concerts.

On the other hand, an open and highly controversial topic of discussion Transport. The green pass must be handed in immediately obligated for aircraft, ships and long-distance trains. For local public transport, the obligation may come into effect later, from September, but the decision on this point should be postponed to a later date. Just as the decree does not address the question of the ultimate vaccination obligation for teachers.

Tomorrow, the sources explain, the measure should be discussed in the control room chaired by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, before the confrontation in the State-Regions Conference. Then there should be the Council of Ministers, but the program has not yet been confirmed: the government meeting has not yet been formally convened.

Yellow zone for four regions

The decision of the government, in particular on the new parameters to allocate the “colors” to the regions, begins get urgent because already 4 regions – Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily -, with the current rules, they will have to leave the white zone from Friday and end up in the yellow zone. Today at the Conference of the Regions it was decided to wait for the steps of the government, but the requests are confirmed. It asks that I new parameters for the change of “color”, they are no longer based on the number of infections but on that of hospital admissions, and in particular covering 30% of hospital beds and 20% in intensive care. And then they ask white area the green pass is only valid for major sports and entertainment events, discotheques, trade fairs and conferences. In summary, use the green certificate to allow the resumption of activities that are not allowed until today.

How do you apply for the green pass?


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