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Google’s new 3 strike policy-checks and balances


Google announced a policy of 3 strikes, which will effectively suspend ad accounts that have repeatedly violated the rules.

The new policy has attracted the attention of advertisers because the system often incorrectly flags ad content as a policy violation. There is speculation about the number of ad accounts that may be improperly suspended.

However, Google does have some checks and balances to ensure that only accounts that actually violate the policy will be penalized.

Let us learn more about what a strike is, how to eliminate it, and how strikes accumulate.

Violation category

Currently, these penalties only apply to three categories: promoting dishonesty, unapproved substances, and dangerous products or services. These are policies for monitoring fraud, hacking services, spyware, drugs, weapons, etc.


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Google plans to further launch the program in the future, but for now, the above categories are the only violations that will trigger a strike. There are other categories of violations (such as phishing or misrepresentation) that have triggered an immediate suspension at the account level.

Appeal disapproved

According to Google sources, successful appeals of inappropriate violations will result in the cancellation of the strike. Therefore, this means that if your business receives an ad content violation and you can appeal it (without any modification to the ad), you will not receive a warning, because being disapproved is not a real violation .


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Strike and time

The first event will result in a warning. After that, advertisers will receive a warning. Each expires within 90 days. Therefore, if an advertiser receives a warning and then violates the same policy within 90 days, they will receive a warning. If it has been more than 90 days, they will receive a warning and restart the process.

After they receive the first strike, the account will be temporarily suspended for 3 days. Whenever the warning occurs, if the violation occurs again within 90 days after the first strike, they will receive a second strike, which will result in a 7-day temporary hold.

Finally, if a violation occurs again within 90 days after the second strike (regardless of the warning or when the first strike occurred), the account will be suspended for repeated violations of the policy.

Please keep in mind that if any of these strikes is successfully appealed as incorrectly marked as a violation, the strike will be deleted and will not be counted.


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