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«Data similar to October. Fear of unvaccinated »- Corriere.it


from Margherita De Bac

The Director of Pneumology at the Gemelli in Rome: «The country has invested heavily in the vaccination campaign. The mandatory green pass is very fair and lawful: it is in the interest of the community”

“The green certificate must be used. Italy has invested a lot of resources and successfully in an unprecedented vaccination campaign: it would be a shame not to exploit such a precious resource ”, pleads for the approval of the passport Luca Richeldi, pulmonologist at Gemelli.

The green card controversy does not take into account the epidemic situation?
“The infections are increasing, we are not far from the incidence of last October, when the vaccines had not yet arrived: in October 2020 we were around 60 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, today we are already above 30”.

But hospitals are not affected by the pressure.
“True. But it would be a shame not to use the green pass to avoid making the picture worse. It would be like having a law degree and not using it as a lawyer ».

Is it a form of indirect and devious obligation, as some politicians criticize?
“It is an indirect obligation, but it is certainly not secret. It is absolutely right and lawful that, in the interest of the community, access for unvaccinated people is prohibited in places where it is not possible to respect the rules of distancing and the use of mouth and nose masks.”

He is afraid?
«I am afraid of those who have not been able or will not be vaccinated. We should expect the pandemic from the unvaccinated who are 15% of the over-60s, those who haven’t even gotten a dose. If they were infected, they are at risk of death and serious illness, just like a year ago. It is in this category that most deaths are concentrated ».

If we go down with age, we find that under 60, one in four has not been vaccinated.
“It is equally imperative that they do this, as they can support the spread of the virus and increase the chances of it affecting vulnerable people: I see it as a bit of social injustice.”

The message?
“The vaccine is the only way not to go back, to fall back into the limitations we’ve already experienced and not to harm the weakest. To be sorry would be paradoxical ».

You insist a lot on the topic of home care delays. Why?
«It may happen that the medical and intensive care units do not get into trouble again and at the same time the home care system is not able to cope with the situation. We have created new intensive care beds and hospitals dedicated to Covid. However, we have forgotten the treatments in the area: this means being able to follow the sick in their homes, without arriving at the hospital and thus not taking up space and resources for other pathologies “.

What’s missing?
«Have GPs received sufficient support to also devote themselves to this activity? Is there a national or regional telemonitoring program to remotely monitor these patients? I’m afraid the answer is: not yet.’

What do you recommend to those who, after having had Covid, want to resume sports activities, such as diving, climbing, marathon running, cycling?
“Those who have had a form of Covid with fever, cough and shortness of breath without being hospitalized, and especially those who have had pneumonia, should be sure that they have recovered respiratory functions. There may be a lung pain that not noticing them by doing daily activities.

Which controls?
“There are three, simple and non-invasive. Spirometry, to evaluate the volume of the lungs. The diffusion test to see how well the lung can oxygenate the blood. Finally, the walking test: six minutes of brisk walking to get the to measure oxygen saturation, in addition to a visit and a chat with the doctor ».

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