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Covid 19 coronavirus: details of today’s case, update on sailors infected with Mattina


New Zealand

People in group 4 will receive a message from 28 July about being able to book a vaccine. From the end of July, the vaccination program should really get going, said Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins.

The health authorities have to say whether or not there are new positive Covid cases in the country.

Yesterday was a good day on the Covid front as the Ministry of Health reported no new cases in managed isolation facilities or in the community.

However, six seamen aboard the Mattina container ship, quarantined at South Port in Bluff, are now officially on New Zealand’s national Covid-19 census.

The six crew members, as well as three others reported on Tuesday, bring the total number of Mattina seamen affected by the virus to nine of the 21 personnel.

A crew member previously reported to have Covid-19 has now recovered, the ministry confirms.

The number of active cases in New Zealand was 56 as of yesterday’s statement. Since the start of the year, there have been 99 historic Covid cases – out of a total of 655 cases.

The seven-day moving average of new cases discovered at the New Zealand border stands at five. While our total number of confirmed cases is 2472.

Health authorities said two of Mattina’s infected crew members were taken from the ship to Southland Hospital’s emergency department yesterday. They have since returned to their ship.

“Officials, including public health, are assessing today whether the rest of the crew will remain on board the ship during their quarantine period,” the statement said.


Additional tests performed on the crew yesterday will be made public today.

The Southern District Health Board has already prepared plans for management and treatment of other crew members that may yield a positive outcome.

The health ministry also said it expected more information about the source of infection when genome sequencing is completed in the coming days.

Free travel in quarantine New South Wales remains on hold and so far 38 people in New Zealand have been identified as having been to places of interest in Victoria and Queensland.

Of those, 36 have undergone initial testing and returned negative results, and the results for the remaining two could also be out today.



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