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COVID-19 Cases in County Rise 82% in One Week | News

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The number of COVID-19 cases in San Diego has risen significantly over the past week, prompting county health officials to urge residents to continue to get vaccinated.

In the past seven days, 3,465 COVID-19 cases were reported in San Diego County. That’s 1,566 or 82% more cases than the previous seven-day period.

Hospital admissions due to COVID-19 are also increasing. The daily total rose above 100 on July 6 and has remained above that threshold ever since. Hospital admissions are likely to get even higher as they lag behind the increase in cases.

The increase in cases and hospitalizations is mainly in San Diegans who have not been vaccinated. These individuals are also disproportionately affected by the worrisome variants Alpha, Gamma and Delta COVID-19.

“The best protection we have against COVID-19 is to get vaccinated,” said Wilma Wooten, MD, MPH, County Public Health Officer. “The vaccines are extremely effective in preventing serious illness from COVID-19. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, do it now.”

There has also been a very slight increase in infections after vaccination, meaning people have become infected with COVID-19 even though they were fully vaccinated.

Wooten said that was expected and that breakthrough cases usually have mild symptoms.

“This does not mean that the vaccine does not work. Rather, the vaccine does what it’s supposed to do: prevent most people from being hospitalized, or worse, dying,” Wooten said.

Vaccination progress:


  • One new death has been reported between July 14 and July 20. The total in the region is 3,787.
  • A man in his 60s with underlying medical conditions died June 12.

Cases, Case Rate and Testing:

  • On July 21, 521 COVID-19 cases were reported to the province. The total of the region is now 288,681.
  • The case rate in San Diego County is 7.6 cases per 100,000 residents as of July 20.
  • As of July 20, 7,895 tests were reported to the province and the percentage of new positive cases was 6.6%.
  • The 14-day rolling rate of positive cases under testing is 5.1%.

Community Outbreaks:

  • In the past seven days (July 14 through July 20), 22 new community outbreaks have been confirmed: 10 in restaurant/bar environments, four in corporate environments, two in day camps, one in a campground, one in a restaurant environment, one in a construction environment, one in a government environment, one in a retail environment, and one in a faith-based environment.
  • The community outbreak trigger is more than seven in a seven-day period.

More information:

Data updates for the County’s coronavirus-sd.com website appear on Wednesdays around 5 p.m.



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