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Yusuf Mansur drops at RSPAD, Sheikh from Morocco donates blood

Ustaz Yusuf Mansur mengungkapkan darah Syeikh Baleid, penulis kaligrafi Al Qur

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Teacher Yusuf Mansur | revealed that he was rushed to Gatot Subroto Army Central Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Subroto because his hemoglobin level was low.

“Alhamdulillaah I still have 5 HB, very low, but still alive, low erythrocytes, all iron is also low,” Yusuf said in a video uploaded to the Instagram account @yusufmansurnew, as seen on Wednesday ( 21/7).

With his condition, Yusuf said, he also underwent a blood transfusion process. If not, Yusuf said, he could collapse.

“I had to do a blood transfusion right away or I would collapse. Because everything was too low, I was late with food, supplements and just rest,” he said.

Yusuf said the RSPAD had prepared blood donors for transfusion. However, he continued, the RSPAD allowed him to choose who would be the donor.

“The RSPAD allowed me to choose and seek whose blood I wanted to put into my body, so it is one with my blood. This is where I see the majesty and greatness of God,” Yusuf said.


Yusuf revealed that one of the donors for him was Sheikh Belaid from Morocco.

“I do not think that, if later, now in July 2021, the blood of Sheikh Belaid, God willing, will merge with my blood. This is really an extraordinary lesson from the decline of my condition, from lack of blood to the half”, he said


[Gambas:Video CNN]



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