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yes for indoor restaurants with dose, in the gym and disco will serve the recall


With 38 million “green passes” already downloaded for regional presidents, it’s hard to get in the way. From Monday, the pass requirement will be introduced for all indoor activities. So, save last minute second thoughts, even for those wanting access to indoor bars and restaurants. Coffee at the counter or consumption at the outside table will not be necessary, but the arrangement paves the way for progressive use of the pass which could also be expanded in the coming weeks.

The meeting of the control room will take place in the late morning and in the afternoon the Council of Ministers will have to issue the new decree which, in addition to the criteria for the use of the pass, will also contain the new parameters for the four zones. “It is important that a decision is made to give weight to hospital admissions and no longer to infections,” explains Secretary of State Andrea Costa, who has been fighting for a review of the criteria for some time. Through the decree, the Rt index is sent to the attic and parameters are entered that take into account hospitalizations in intensive care and other departments. However, there is not yet a full agreement between the Regions and the government on this point. The latter, through Minister Roberto Speranza, proposed that in order to activate the yellow zone, it is necessary to exceed 5% of hospital admissions in resuscitation and 10% in ordinary wards. The regions, through the president of the conference, Massimiliano Fedriga, are urging the percentages to be increased to 20 and 30%. It is likely that mediation will eventually be found at a threshold that provides for 10% occupancy for CPR and 15% for regular wards. Also entered is a parameter related to the buffers that each region will have to output to detect any variations.

Green pass, when it can be downloaded

However, the differences of opinion among the majority are mainly on the pass. The green certification has so far only been issued after the first dose. This is no longer the case in many regions and from tomorrow the pass will only be available for download after the vaccination has been completed, which now takes place at a very short time interval (21 days) compared to a few weeks ago.
However, those who already have the pass, despite only taking one dose, can show it to go to the indoor restaurant or disco. The “Qr code” could be very important if the yellow zone were activated, leading to further restrictions on the circulation of unvaccinated people. The differentiated use of the pass according to the color and the extension from September of some activities that can only be carried out when in possession of the pass will most likely be illustrated today at the end of the Council of Ministers and represents the strongest deterrent to vaccination for those who may be forced to choose between re-incarceration or getting vaccinated.

Today it is up to Mario Draghi to complete the synthesis initiated by Undersecretary Garofoli and overcome the persistent divisions within the executive branch. The leader of the Lega Salvini, despite his regional presidents being very supportive of introducing restrictions on unvaccinated, remains opposed to FI against the pass. “The green pass is being used to boost vaccinations and prevent possible new closures,” said Regional Affairs Minister Maria Stella Gelmini, who emphasized that the Delta variant “is highly contagious”. However, the government plans to intervene immediately to avoid facing the nightmare of new closures. The number of infections is growing sharply. In just one week, it has gone from 1,534 to 4,259, even if the national average of intensive care occupancy is 2%, with regional percentages seeing Calabria, Tuscany, Sicily and Liguria (3%) in the lead followed. by Campania, Emilia Romagna and Apulia (2%).

To sit inside bars and restaurants next week, you may need a pass, which in the future will only be obtained with the second dose or a negative smear. No obligation to drink coffee at the counter but two doses to enter the gym, disco or take trains, planes and long-distance ships. With the postponement of a new decree on the method of access to schools and stadiums, the criteria for access to local public transport will also be discussed later. As will be discussed later, “the need for the third dose for the most vulnerable categories,” recalls Undersecretary Sileri.




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