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The Departure of the Emirati Poet, Hadef Al-Dari.. Intellectuals and Poets: We Lost One of the Pillars of Nabati Poetry – Our Lives – Culture


The Emirati poet, Hadef Al Darei, passed away yesterday, Wednesday, after a long march in composing Nabati poetry and reciting Shallat with his melodious voice and signature sweet style. Immediately after the news of his death became known, many poets, researchers and those interested in poetry and culture were eager to pay tribute and condolences to his family, via social media, highlighting his high position in the poetic arena and his endowment that spanned nearly four decades, during which it distinguished itself for its preservation of the authentic Bedouin Emirati script. The singers also sent poetic clips and briefs presented by the late during his career.
Emirates Writers Union Chairman of the Board, writer and researcher Sultan Al-Amimi, published a tweet via his account on Twitter, in which he noted that one of the pillars of Nabati poetry was: “With the departure by the poet Hadef Al-Dara’i, we lost one of the most famous Nabat poets in the four decades in the Emirates. . The late was distinguished by his high morals, his beloved personality and his melodious voice in Shelah’s art.
The artist, Aida Al-Menhali, tweeted: “The great poet Hadef Al-Dari has left us today, leaving behind a great legacy and an approach taught at the level of poetry and paralysis. We were taught by him and he was a good example, may God have mercy on Abu Muhammad.”

The head of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Muslim, also mourned him, writing: “May God have mercy on the poet Hadef Al-Dara’i and put him at peace. I was delighted to participate with him in more than one cultural forum, and he was part of the Sharjah delegation led by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah to Armenia in the Sharjah Cultural Week, and a number of Shallat were presented at the University of Armenia .

The artist Al-Wasmi also mourned him, saying, “Yes, the man. I have met him more than once and a school of morals and poetry. May God have mercy on him and forgive him and grant him the vastness of your paradise. We belong to God, and to Him we will return.”
The researcher and poet Sultan Balqurn Al-Jahuri wrote: “The city of Al-Ain has today lost the Emirati poet Hadef Al-Dari, may God have mercy on him, one of the most famous Nabat poets in the Emirates. The late distinguished himself for his morality, humility and his melodious voice in the art of Shelah. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, the entire Duro tribe and lovers of poets and poetry.”

And a member of the jury of the “Al-Mankoos” program, Muhammad bin Mushait Al-Marri, published: “My sincere condolences and condolences to the family of the deceased and all shields on the death of the poet Hadef Al-Dari, may God bless the deceased with his grace and inspire his family and relatives to patience and comfort.”

And from the Sultanate of Oman, the poet Ahmed Al-Washahi mourned the deceased departed and said: “May God have mercy on the poet Hadef Al-Dara’i, forgive him and enter him into his vast gardens. We accompanied him in several episodes within the program of poets councils on Dubai TV led by our able poet Rashid Sharar, that was in the nineties, and he had a beautiful voice and a sweet and unique melody, and with his departure the poetic scene lost one of his symbols.

And the poet Khamis Al-Muqaimi tweeted: Our condolences and sincere condolences to the honorable brothers, poets of all Emirates, on the death of the poet, and the polite and kind person is the goal of Al-Dari, and to the members of his honorable family and those dear to him. «. Poet Kamel Al-Bathari also joined in the condolences, tweeting: “We offer our condolences to the poetic arena of the Emirates and the Gulf, and to a tribe for public shields at the death of the late, God willing, the poet Hadef Al-Dara’ I.”

The “Sama Dubai” channel was eager to present a special episode about the late poet, who was a key member of the Poets Council program previously broadcast on Dubai TV, noting that “with the departure of Al-Duraei, the local arena lost one of its pillars and pillars, and he is known for his morals and his dream.” And his fragrant biography, as the late was one of the flags that preserved the details of popular poetry, and it is one of the esteemed flags by the intellectuals of the Emirates and the knights of popular poetry, and they raise the hat of glory to him up.”

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