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The bottle, the pushing, the shot, the videos: what we know about the Voghera case


In Voghera’s case, clouds of mystery and unknowns linger as to what really happened in the past few hours. Only the examinations of the weapon will be able to better clarify the dynamics. An autopsy has already been ordered on the victim’s body, struck by a single blow to the chest. The Pavia prosecutor is working on the hypothesis of a culpable excess of legitimate defense: it is considering asking the investigating judge to confirm the house arrest for Massimo Adriatici, councilor of the Northern League for Municipal Security in the Pavia region, who calls himself suspended from office until the outcome of the verdict in which he is being investigated. It is then also decided whether or not to proceed with the provision of other technical advice, including ballistics. Pending the next developments in the Voghera case, here’s what we know so far based on the rumors that have sprung up since morning.

“He pushed me and the shot went off”

The Councilor Adriatici – according to what has been learned and reported by theAdnkronos – he would thus have defended himself before the magistrate, trying to give his reconstruction of the facts: “I was walking in Piazza Meardi when I noticed this man irritating the patrons of a bar. I approached him, scolded him by inviting him to leave, and that’s when I called the police. When he heard my call, he pushed me and dropped me. It was at that moment that the shot was fired with the pistol already held“.

An eyewitness reported that the stranger would throw one bottle beer he drank at Adriatici’s address before the commissioner called the police to warn that the man was harassing some of the bar’s customers. This was announced by a native of Voghera of Albanian descent: “A man who was there told me that the victim had asked Adriatici, ‘Why don’t you say hello?’ He had launched carrying the bottle. At that point, the commissioner said he would call the police. Then there was a fight between them and the commissioner fired“Further details could be revealed from surveillance cameras in the area.

‘Moroccan was aggressive’

The victim of the tragedy is El Boussetaoui Youns, a foreigner with numerous precedents (including property crime, drug trafficking, fraud, resisting a government official and threats). One resident stated that the Moroccan “he often caused problems, was aggressive and irritated people“. A foreign lady admitted that the sense of security in the city is not exactly the best:”We do not have the courage to go out at night, even here in Voghera we are afraid. There are drugs and scary people aroundThen notice the reaction of a girl, an acquaintance of El Boussetaoui, who shouted for the cameras:”He was killed like a dog. They said he harassed a woman, but he never hurt anyone“.

“Adriatics is a professional”

Adriatici’s former colleagues say they “surprised“of what happened. A police source has revealed exclusively to” ilGiornale.it some rumors unpublished: the commissioner is the son of a road steward in Pavia, who after a few years in uniform said goodbye to the commissioner to become a lawyer. The source explained to us that the man “it is always calm, very moderate“. Therefore there is surprise:”Maybe he got scared because he was threatened, even though we can’t tell yet. He is a level professional, a gentle person, never over the top. He never went mad or had anger outburstsGiuseppe Carbone, group leader of Come on Italy to the city council of Voghera, is “stunned“because he considers Adriatic”a person of all respect and great professionalism“.

Was it self-defense?

The Lega immediately reported that the affair”it would be the result of a response to an accidental shot attack“Also Dal Carroccio wanted to underline that the victim.”he was a person known in the city and to the police for episodes of drunkenness and violenceTo speak about the hypothesis of self-defense was: Matteo Salvinic, who would rather wait for the investigations before “condemn a decent person who attacked himself and who would have reacted“According to Angelo Ciocca, an MEP from the Northern League, if the Adriatics had not intervened,”ready to intervene in defense of a girl abused by a moroccan, we would probably now be talking about violence against an innocent girl“.

The political controversy

Inevitably, a political controversy with cross-accusations arose. In front of Enrico LettaDemocratic Party Secretary, We Must End Private Guns: “Only police officers and carabinieri walk around with weapons. It’s a sad day. The detectives and the judicial authorities decide. No one takes their place“. Also from 5 star movement comes a position. “It is a dramatic and serious fact that must be clarified by the investigative authorities. We invite the League to stand in its place. The reconstruction of what happened is not a matter for the Carroccio“, say sources at Grilline. The opposition to the Voghera City Council is considering presenting one motion of distrust addressed to both the mayor Paola Garlaschelli and the alderman Adriatici.

It’s not right for Salvini to come.”butcher and murderer” a person “who simply defended herself and her fellow citizens“. The leader of the League then rejected the proposal to “that genius“by Enrico Letta:”According to him, the license of all Italians should be revoked. He’s already decided he’s guilty and it’s obviously my fault, anyway…“.


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