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Pro-Life Christians Call for Protest Over Biden’s Visit to Catholic University in Front of CNN City Hall


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Biden, the second Catholic US president in history, has been harshly rebuked over the years by pro-life activists for his support for abortion rights. Last month, a group of bishops in the country approved a statement seeking to prevent Biden from receiving communion because of his views on abortion.

Catholics and pro-life activists spoke out on Wednesday against President Joe Biden’s visit to a Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio, encouraging protesters to attend.

“The university has received a president who claims to be Catholic, yet has the most pro-abortion administration in our country’s history?” The Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati announced in a statement that they would protest the event and provide information on how to join them. “President Biden bears responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unborn lives.”

According to media reports, many of the nearly 400,000 Catholics in the Cincinnati area have expressed their dismay at the town hall meeting, which will be led by CNN’s Don Lemon and broadcast Wednesday from Mount Saint Joseph University.

The Sisters of Charity, a relatively liberal order of nuns, manage the university, which has about 2,000 students.

For example, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati said in a statement Tuesday that Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr would not have allowed President Biden to visit Catholic properties, but it was not his decision to make.

“Archbishop Schnurr has therefore not been asked, nor would he have authorized such an event on Catholic grounds,” the statement read. “Mount St. Joseph University operates under the sponsorship of the Sisters of Charity and not under the direct supervision of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.”

However, the local Sisters of Charity sent out a statement Wednesday, just hours before the event, claiming they were “glad” that CNN chose the university as the location of City Hall, but that the event was not directly associated with them. stood, nor was it their choice.

“We want to make it clear that the agreement […] is between MSJ and CNN. All decisions regarding the event are made by CNN and MSJ and do not relate to the Sisters of Charity,” the statement said. CNN uses Mount’s facility and will make the decisions about attendance at the event, whose questions will be asked of the chairman, etc.”

For its part, the university has defended its choice to welcome Biden, citing the university’s commitment to diversity.

“The university has always been a diverse and inclusive place where people of different races, ethnicities, social backgrounds, beliefs and religions can come together to discuss and share their unique perspectives,” the university said, according to Fox News. . “We look forward to introducing the Mount to a nationally broadcast prime-time audience.”

Biden, who often attends mass, has previously stated that while he is personally against abortion, he does not believe that this condemnation should be forced on others.



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