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Positive Covid increases 33,772 cases, death record 1,383

Kasus positif covid-19 bertambah menjadi 2.983.830 pada Rabu (21/7). Pemerintah memperpanjang PPKM hingga 25 Juli mendatang.

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Positive case of corona virusCOVID-19) increased by 33,772 today, Wednesday (21/7). Thus, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia since March 2020 has reached 2,983,830.

While positive patients who recovered increased by 32,887 people, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 2,356,553.

After that, the number of deaths rose by 1,383, which is the highest record since the pandemic. Thus, the total number of Covid-19 deaths has reached 77,583 people.

For active cases or patients still in treatment and self-isolation to date, it has reached 549,694 people, an increase of 498 from yesterday.

Meanwhile, the total number of suspected Covid-19 cases is 271,662 people. While the specimens examined today reached 155,330 samples.

In recent weeks, positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have continued to increase with some new records.

Additional new cases were even above 50 thousand, with the highest number on Thursday (15/7) of 56,757 cases. In addition, deaths registered a new record with 1,338 extra on Monday (19/7).

The government is known to extend the Emergency PPKM until July 25.

However, now the government no longer uses the term Emergency PPKM, but has replaced it with Level 4 PPKM.

This is in accordance with the Instruction of the Minister of the Interior (Inmendagri) Number 22 of 2021 regarding the implementation of Level 4 Covid-19 Community Activity Restrictions in the Java and Bali regions.

In the Instruction, the determination of the regional level is guided by the indicators for adjusting public health efforts and social constraints in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic that have been established by the Minister of Health.

President Joko Widodo said the opening would be phased from July 26 if the number of cases decreased.

There have also been a number of relaxations for business, including traditional basic necessities markets that are open every day until 8pm with a 50 percent visitor capacity and strict health protocols.

He also said that traditional markets, apart from those selling basic necessities, were allowed to open until 3 p.m. with the same visitor capacity and strict procedures in accordance with the regulations of each local government.

Jokowi went on to explain that food stalls, street vendors, snack axes and the like that have their businesses in an open space are allowed to open until 9pm with strict health protocols.


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