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Pinarayi Vijayan | Complete shutdown in Kerala on July 23-24; massive test campaign aiming to order 3 lakh tests per day


Pinarayi Vijayan


  • On July 24 and 25, 2021 there will be a complete lockdown
  • Mass testing campaign with a goal of running 3 lakh tests per day
  • Kerala CM said on Tuesday that COVID-19 restrictions will not be relaxed for the time being

New Delhi: The The Kerala government has ordered a complete lockdown in the state on July 23-24 and has also ordered the State Health & Family Welfare Department to conduct a massive testing campaign with a target of 3 lakh tests per day.

There will be a full shutdown on July 24 and 25, 2021 with the same guidelines as those for June 12 and 13, 2021, the state government said.

District collectors are instructed to identify and delineate micro-containment zones in all districts, regardless of the categorization of the regions by the Local Self Government Institution (LSGI), and to impose special, stricter restrictions to prevent the new cases. to be resolved as soon as possible.

This comes after the state government revoked its state-wide lockdown on June 16 and gave Bakrid a three-day easing of the COVID-19 restriction, allowing textile shops, jewelry, shoe stores, etc., to open for three days from Sunday.

However, on July 19, the Supreme Court asked the state government to file a response to an application against the three-day easing, saying it is a shocking state of affairs that the Kerala government has given in to traders’ demands to end the lockdown. relax standards.

The highest court has also ordered the state government to “respect the right to life” and warned it against action if the easing of curbs leads to further spread of the coronavirus.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan urging him to reconsider the “controversial” decision.

On Tuesday, Vijayan had stated that COVID-19 restrictions would not be relaxed in the state for the time being and said three more lakh COVID tests would be conducted on Friday.

The positivity rate in Kerala remains above 10 percent and the state reports 10,000 to 15,000 new cases every day.


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