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Northern League councilor Voghera shoots and kills a 39-year-old in the square: arrested. The defense: ‘Accidental hit’. Carabinieri: ‘Taken in the chest’


Massimo Adriatic, City Councilor for League Security a Voghera, in the Pavia area, was arrested on charges of shooting a 39enne of Moroccan nationality, Youns El Boussetaouiand to have killed him. The incident happened shortly after 10 p.m. on Tuesday in Piazza Meardi, in the city of Oltrepadana. Adriatici is now with the house arrest. The commissioner exploded a gunshot to the man after one lite between the two, which took place before a bar. Adriatic – that’s it self-suspended – was arrested for voluntary manslaughter but the entry in the file opened by the judicial authority was for “Culpable surplus in self-defense”. However, despite the amendment of the indictment, the public prosecutor has not yet made a decision on the release and will send the request to the investigating judge between today and Thursday and will have to assess whether and which precaution he will request. The surveillance cameras of the area and in particular a camera in Piazza Meardi, near the open space in front of the bar where the murder took place. From an initial reconstruction, the commissioner was confronted by the victim – a multi-biased individual who was already known to the police for threats, resistance to officials, trafficking, evasion, driving under the influence and without a license, forgery, carrying weapons intended to insult – because he was annoying some guests from the bar.

Adriatic’s version – “I was walking in Piazza Meardi when I noticed that man to annoy the customers of a bar,” Adriatici, a former police officer, said in conversation with the magistrate. “I approached him, I scolded him and invited him to leave and that’s when I called the police – he added – when I heard my call, pushed me causing me to fall. It was at that time that of the gun already challenged the blow is gone.” According to the councilor’s version, now under investigation by the Pavia carabinieri, the shot started accidentally as a result of the fall, while holding his pistol, probably a 22 gauge. The injured person was transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the Voghera hospital, but in red code. His condition didn’t seem alarming at first, but then they did ze worsen fast until death fell in the night. Expect this morning the autopsy on the victim’s body.

The reconstruction of the carabinieri – The carabinieri listen to different witnesses. According to what has been established so far, the man who was later murdered would have been approached in front of the restaurant in Piazza Meardi, a decentralized part of the city, in a state of flux, perhaps from alcohol – but it will take the autopsy to determine it. to confirm – from the customers. The provincial commander of the Arma, Luciano Calabria, reported that El Bousetaou “started to” pushy attendees “and the Commissioner, who had campaigned against” in recent daysexcess of alcoholic substances on the street, “he saw everything and intervened, after which he called the police on his mobile”. The stranger would have noticed it at that moment and would have approached him in a certain way threatening, pushing him ”, but this circumstance has yet to be clarified. At that point, the blow that struck him would be fired, very close “in” full chest, above the left nipple “. L’to order against the excess of “nightlife” applied from Tuesday, so much so that it is not excluded that he was just in the square before verify its application.

Salvini’s Defense – “Of course far west in Voghera, the legitimate defense hypothesis is gaining ground,” he says Matteo Salvinic in a video on his Facebook page describing Adriatici as the “Victim of an attack” that “answered and” accidentally a blow has been struck”. As a “last resort – continues the League leader – the defense is always legitimate”. Before “condemning a decent person” who ” saw himself attacked, we await the reconstruction of the facts”, continues the former interior minister. “There are no civilians except with the legal gun ownership they go around shooting,” he insists. The first political reaction came from Five star movement: “What happened last night in Voghera is a dramatic fact e grave which will be clarified by the investigative bodies. We invite the League to stand in place. The reconstruction of what happened is not a matter of competence of the Carroccio,” this filters from pentastellate sources.

Urban Daspo and work: who is it – Adriatici regularly has firearms license and the gun is also duly marked. The lawyer is a councilor for security in the center-right junta, led by the mayor Paola Garlaschelli. Elected to the ranks of the League, owns a studio of advocacy well known and has taken credit from local news for initiatives against ‘nightlife’ and the abuse of alcohol in the evening. As soon as he took office he had the urban daspo versus bivouacs e begging in the city center: in October 2020, two were hit by Daspo beggars who begged for alms in Piazza Duomo. Adriatici, from his Facebook profile, is a “professor of criminal law and criminal procedure law at” School of Alexandria State Police Officers“And” former professor of the University of Eastern Piedmont “. In an interview with Province of Pavia of March 29, 2018, Adriatici stated that “the use of a weapon should be” justified give one real danger, for the person who uses it, for his or her property or that of others. But that doesn’t mean doing justice to yourself. That’s the self defense it configures when i shoot to avoid someone shoot me, or there are no other means of making him run away and prevent him from stealing. Shooting must be the . to beextreme ratio, the last chance to run if there are no others”.


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