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“No worries about justice reform” – Libero Quotidiano


All those rumors circulating in the five star system about… bewilderment of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella On judicial reform. Items collected from everyday event that if they were true, they would really get the minister in trouble Marta Cartabia and reform. According to these rumors, the head of state would be critical of certain important aspects of the new de lawsuit and would question the rule that gives Parliament the power to decide with greater urgency on the crimes to be prosecuted, depriving prosecutors of the constitutionally guaranteed power to choose which files to prioritize. More. According to other rumours, he reports: the print, Mattarella would even be willing to cut the austerity of the Cartabia reform that the High Council for the Judiciary – which he chairs – tomorrow 22 July he will put pen to paper. Indiscretions and rumors, however, find no response to the Quirinale, who indeed claims to be surprised.

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Some de Colle’s sources point out that the evaluations of the reform will be made if necessary, thus at the end of a parliamentary process that has just begun and over which the president, out of respect for institutional roles, refrains from judging. Not only. It is precisely excluded, also in light of the avalanche of amendments that have already been tabled, that Mattarella has doubts about some aspect of the Keeper of the Seal’s text which, as de Cartabia continues to emphasize, was discussed within the government and unanimously approved. . Moreover, it is inconceivable that the Quirinale has not yet seen it, since it is a matter of justice.

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In short, Mattarella dal Colle would have given the green light. And even the Supreme Judiciary will apparently not crush the reform, but will pass a balanced verdict with some “chiaroscuro”. So why do we keep rumors of a skeptical president of the republic? Some sources reveal that it all comes from a private interview with Giuseppe Contea, a few months ago. It appears that the M5’s leader in pectore had insisted a lot on the prosecutors’ constitutional prerogatives, and the president agreed. But at that time, the Cartabia reform did not even exist.

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